Carpenter – The Thing, 4-Pole Mission edition

    I tried to recreate the intro music from The Thing with the Thing :)
    It’s amazing how well the Shruthi-1 fares at recreating that sound

  • awesome! one of my all time favourite films/soundtracks.

  • such a cool work.

    How did you do the hi-hat sounds?

  • very nice.

  • @MicMicMan The hihat sound is the only one that I didn’t do with the Shruthi-1. But actually I want to try to make some hihats with it. Not that I would use them much, but just to see how far I can get.

  • Nicely done, and very atmospheric!


  • Real nice! And I think you should be able to do the hi-hats with a little tweaking!

  • You should do Assault on Precinct 13 and Escape From New York next, Carpenter actually worked on those pieces. It was Ennio Morricone who did The Thing music.

  • Nice

    Also, if you don’t know Unit Black Flight, check out
    (no Shruthi inside)

  • @6581punk one of my next projects is a Carpenter tribute album. Btw. do you know the one Zombie Zombie made? It’s totally great!
    @mike-labo they are totally awesome, will have to get the album! Thanks a lot for the link, I think I just found my new favourite band!

  • I saw zombie zombie do a set of carpenter stuff in cracow last year. Totally awesome.

  • OK, I guess this is only slightly hijack-y:

    Check out this recent John Carpenter Tribute that I’m very proud to be part of. Peter Swimm (herr_prof on this forum) and I are SLAW and did “They Live.” I’m also 1/2 of shrimps. My faves on the album are “Halloween” and “Big Trouble.” And of course, the badass artwork!

  • <rumpelfilter: fantastic! Haven’t seen that movie in many a year. Watches last night after watching your vid.

    <bleo: can’t wait to hear this! Love the Dark Star cover btw.

  • @bleo Yeah I got the Tribute album when it came out, been listening to it a hundred times, there’s a couple of really great tracks on it, including yours!

  • Bits of The Thing’s soundtrack (including the part you did, rumpelfilter) sounds more like Carpenter than Morricone to me…maybe he contributed uncredited cues?

  • Or maybe Morricone wanted it to have that Carpenter sound. I wouldn’t exclude that they collaborated on it but I don’t know much about it… must see if I find some info about it.

  • >Bits of The Thing’s soundtrack (including the part you did, rumpelfilter) sounds more like Carpenter than >Morricone to me

    Morricone stated that he did lots of music for the film, but that Carpenter used only the bits that sounded like Carpenter’s own style of music.

    If you buy the soundtrack CD you get the whole score.

  • Interesting, thanks for that!

  • Excellent!

  • @6581punk: actually I never replied to your comment (I thought I had). anyway, thanks for the little story, didn’t know that. CD is on my wantlist!

  • There’s two soundtracks. The original and a more recent rerecorded one which has more unused pieces.

  • ok thanks I’ll check it out!

  • If you have the DVD release before 2005 it has the soundtrack on it.

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