• So we hold the S1 button and I locks in a note for testing…or starting a sequence…that’s very useful.
    Is there a way…to ADD a momentary contact button to do same…..triggering the envelope as well.
    It would just be very convenient , while sitting back in the big armchair with just the shruthi (no keyboard)..(and maybe a wobbly pop)...to design sounds.
    Just thinking out loud I guess…..
    I tend to be simplistic.?.minamalistic….or just plain lazy maybe

  • I GUESS you could wire a regular on/off switch into the momentary switch, which should accomplish what you are looking for, however I haven’t done it, it might work, it might not :/

  • I don’t think that would work…it requires a 5 sec hold on the button.
    A change in code would be required, but in my limited experience…all the controls are “active” for use.
    A new one would need to be added that is scanned as well…with the bounce removed.
    I think I could accomplish that…if I knew where to insert the code…and hardware if it was possible.
    But my programming skills are rusty to say the least…and absolutely no knowledge of hardware.

  • With regular on/off switch I meant a Latching tactile switch, or a “throw”/rocker type switch, since this should in theory act exactly like the normal tactile switch (which is already debounced) except that it would stay open/closed for the five second required, thereby negating the need for software changes :)

  • I understand now what you mean.
    However, I think it may negate the attack part of the envelope….if you know what I mean.
    Which in my world of bass is critical….momentary on is all bass really offers, except fast repeated notes.
    I should have offered that as background , I play bass with bass to midi….not much for sustain so to speak :)
    I do appreciate the idea though…
    Thank You!

  • you could simply hook up an additionnal button to one of the “in” mod pads of the control board, and maybe do a small software change (i don’t know if you can call or stop the test routine simply by tweaking the parameters).

    Another, even simpler option, would be to hook up a simple midi keyboard and use the seq+lt mode… This way you only need to press a key to start the sequence…

  • Simple midi keyboard like the tiny akai/korg 25key ones maybe ? :)

  • Im tempted to do a One Button Keyboard for this…. project name OneTrickPony™

    The hardest thing is deciding wether it has a white or a black key ;-)

  • Hahahahahaha
    Now that’s funny!
    At least I can be sure of the next note!

  • I could add a Pot so you can change Notes ;-)

  • Ok, but it absolutely MUST have velocity and after touch!

  • Weighted key, must feel like a piano.

    White or black? how about a nice stained oak or cherry wood.

  • Greyge….

  • OK Guys, no Aftertouch (to prevent the Discussion if it should have Aftertouch or Channel Pressure….), No velocity, just a Button to trigger (you may choose Latched Mode on PowerUp), an LED indicating the Note is played and a Pot for the Key…. Nice little in-between project for tonite.

  • Perfect!

  • Follow up here

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