Nursing Home Interviews on Skrillex and Dubstep
  • This is one of the funniest videos I have seen in a while:

  • This may help explain their reactions in that video:



  • nice video :)

  • Hmm .. “Ok world we succeeded old people like dubstep now. now we can finally listen to Mozart in peace “ ah yes, youtube, the home of the.. weird comments.

  • Ha ha, “It’s like a monster or something…. bleugh bubleugh bleugh”. Is Skrillex /really/ dubstep? I personally don’t think so.

  • Skrillex is bro-step! FWIW, get over it! It’s tired anyway :D

  • seriously, worst fad since happy hardcore

  • There was also this New Rave thing in between… ugh

  • @altitude agreed

  • Bro-step sucks. But, then again, there’s so much good music out there so I’ll stick to that and let those who like it keep doing their thing.

    @altitude: +1000

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