Space Hardware Cygnx Wavetable Monosynth
  • synthtopia details

    Wonder how it stacks up? The build looks pretty!


    All aluminium contruction. Front panel LED matrix Oscilloscope showing the pre-filter sound. Two digital oscillators: 12 sweepable wavetables with smooth and stepped modes and sweep direction. 24 single cycle waveforms which can be mixed using Add, Xor, Split, Phase Distortion or FM. And an additional PWM mode. Waveshaping options – Layer, Sync, Fold, Shape, Phase Distortion 1, Phase Distortion 2, Phase Distortion 3 Two analogue filters – Filter 1: 12dB/Oct LPF/BPF with overdrive Filter 2: 24dB/Oct LPF/Notch with variable notch mode Three LFOs and two analogue ADSRs 120 step programmable sequencer, records note value and velocity. Midi In and Thru.
  • might be expensive if it’s boutique built… but yeah I agree, it looks pretty. And I like the rough sound it has. Though I wonder, did they put a lot of reverb on the sound or is it just the audio quality of the video?
    Hybrid analogue/digital seems to be all the rage lately :)
    I wonder how much of this was inspired by a certain French DIY synth…

  • EDIT: I’m dumb.

    The realtime display is a nice touch.

  • It has analogue adsr envelope generators… I have no idea what a difference that makes but the MI instruments certainly does not ‘ve ‘em.

  • I think there’s a big difference… This is a very traditional analog synth design with digital oscillators as a source. The whole modulation routing, CV processing, modulation sources and so on is done in the analog domain (hence the “full knobs” design because it’s the only way it can be done). The drawback is no presets, MIDI control, parameter sequencing & so on. Very very different beast from the Shruthi…

    Also, it seems that you can do more complicated cross-modulations between the oscillators (several layers of phase distortion and waveshaping), ala rozzbox or AVR-X. I think it opens up a lot of sonic possibilities, the drawback is that it often sounds terrible due to aliasing unless you do it at insanely high sample rates.

  • yeah I agree it sounds like something very different from a Shruthi (and not just because it clearly follows a completely different route concept-wise).

  • sounds great in that vid, the “scope” looks lame though. done a lot better in the midi box builds with discrete leds recessed into the case…

  • The LFOs don’t sync to MIDI clock on the Cygnx. It sounds sweet in the demo, but that is a missed opportunity as I see it. Slight niggle, however: I like it.

  • I dont understand the Blinkenlights (WTF should it be useful for???) but i like the PPGish Digital Trash it sometimes emits…

    looking a 2nd time at the Videos . . . maybe we only see the SweetSpots™ of the Synthesis Engine. Most of the Synths i own (and since last week i own more than my better half has shoes – say hello to my µWxt!) have a rather small SweetSpot™ where they sound really great. Without being accused of marketing but the Shruthi (hence also the Ambika) have rather bright Spots. Maybe the 2nd Best is the JX8-P or the aJuno/MKS-50 Line but you have significant more work to get something good sounding out of a Waldorf. So my question would be how easy is it to make the Cygnx sound good. Hopefully less than a TG-77….

  • It all comes down to the price, at least for me. I wish they would give some sort of ballpark price when they announce these sorts of things. I was really impressed with the Fairlight and Synclavier until I heard the prices. If the Cygnx is priced like a Mopho, it’s a maybe, but if it’s priced like a Macbeth, forget it.

  • Can we boil it down for Price/Usability/Sound coordinates? Id be willing to pay more for a more usable Synth, and even more if it sounds good(whatever “good” is to your personal taste..) and even more more if it has a bright SweetSpot™. Id love to get my hands on a real PPG/P5 just to see hob easy you can get a “good” Sounding Patch out of it, just for comparison. As long as i don’t the Shruthi is my personal #1 in this ranking – it takes some effort to make it sound bad…..

  • Nothing in that demo vid convinced me it will be anything other than a one-trick pony just good for alias-y wavetables.All those knobs on the front panel won’t be cheap-it looks about the same complexity as a Prophet 08 front panel, without the efficiencies of mass production. I think a lot of people on the waiting list will drop off once they release the final price….

  • and don’t forget, you can still build a Shruthi XT if you like knobs :)

  • But it has more Knobs! MORE!!!!

  • @piscione
    Expecting this to be priced like a MoPho is a bit blue eyed. How many Knobs does a MoPho have? See?

  • And this is built by a one-man-band in Bristol…

  • hmm, I guess it will be at least 1300 € (more likely about 1800)

  • Good uses PPGs start there . . . .

  • I suspect it’s a nice looking DIY project but that it has not really been optimized for mass production. So it’ll be hand built and hand wired :( I’d say 1000€ at least. If less, the guy might sell enough to regret how underpriced it was :(

  • I asked him about kits a couple of months ago, but that was not in his plan… Hand built and exclusive.

  • Can’t see the point unless you’re getting something unique and designed to your requirements?

    Having something made for you by hand that you can’t alter massively seems a bit pointless. You wouldn’t have a suit handmade without it being made to suit your measurements.

  • a Suit is a bit easier to alter than a Synth…...

  • True :)

    I suppose it’s just like having a guitar made that sounds a little different to others. I think people obsess over gear too much and don’t think about the music enough.

  • @6581punk: second that. make more music, think less about gear.
    ehm… but then why are we still here talking about it? :D

  • >but then why are we still here talking about it? :D

    Because I don’t have all my synths at work? :)

    What I was trying to say is the obsession with gear is a fairly recent thing I think. Perhaps post-digital era where people started to realise that the move to digital had ruined the interface of instruments. Roland JD800 was one of the first instruments to try to put that right.

    Years ago it is my belief that a musician would walk into a shop, have a quick play with something new in the shop and buy it. They would just grab what is there. These days we seem to want to hunt down some synth to achieve some sort of audio nirvana.

  • @6581punk: of course I was just joking. And yeah, it’s the same for me, instead of sitting in front of a screen arguing with developers and PR women, I’d rather sit in front of something that makes interesting sounds :) so talking about gear can be a way to keep frustration at bay…

    I think the obsession with gear needs a new discussion, though derailing threads has a long tradition on these forums.

  • fcd72, I was being just a bit facetious I suppose, in a bit of a mood yesterday.

  • Any news yet, I’m on the mail list but nothing yet.
    For some reason I really want one (gas).
    I love the dot matrix display!

  • Price estimation is at 700 €. Hm, we will see…

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