• The Mutable Instruments website has been a bit neglected over the past months and it’s time for things to change. If you have ideas / suggestions about how the site could be me made better, I’d really like to hear about them!

    This is also a good occasion to announce that a wiki has been set up (currently in a dormant state, with some articles still waiting to be written…). If you want an editor account let me know. The goal is to host all the troubleshooting/knwoledge base/mods information out there. It’s not always easy to draw the line between what should go on the wiki and what should stay on the Mutable Instruments website, so if you have opinions about this I’d be glad to know!

  • i think the website is fine. nice, clean and simple.

    the double menu ( the one on top and the one at the left) is not necessary for me, but it is ok.
    personally i would get rid of the top menu or use it for first level menu items and show only the child menu items in the left so that there are no items showing twice.

    also maybe the css of the menu could be changed so that the currently selected menu item is visible. (should only take a few minutes if the CMS can be set up to output a special class for the active menu item.)
    its a small change but would improve usability i think.

    also i think the logo in the shop should be linked to the main webpage like in the forum. there is a menu item for that, buts its not obvious that it goes to the main website.

    other than that, i dont think it is necessary to put much time into the website. i still remember, when i first visited and it is much more usable and easy to find information than on a lot of other websites (specially diy pages are often a bit strange and really oldschool. like ucapps or doepfer for example)

    i think instead of putting to much time into fancy website stuff that may not be necassary, better use the time to make really good english demo videos, feed the wiki with answers to noob questions or spend time with your girlfriend.

  • Noticed some references in the website source code so I assume it’s built with Drupal. Worked with that once, but thought it was too complicated to set things up with different plugins. I’m mostly working with wordpress pages now and it’s a lot easier to customize and keep updated and stable. Easier to find good plugins as well I think.

    I’d like to see a section for discontinued products, just for nostalgia.. or something. :)
    But I agree with loderbast that the website is nice, clean and simple as it is.

  • Yes, a switch to wordpress is part of the plan. Originally I planned to do everything through drupal (special pages for audio demos and forum and wiki) and in the end, I just use it as a (overtly complex) CMS.

    Demo videos are planned as soon as I purchase a new camera and manage to carve some space to record something.

  • +1 for the Legacy Products Pages….. all these glorious Machines must be rescued from oblivion: the original Shruti, all the vintage Chip Filter Boards, the soon to be forgotten SideKick.

    Otherwise I’m totally fine with it, its sleek, easy, fast!

  • +1 for legacy products, otherwise I think the current website actually works well.

  • there are no capybaras :(

  • the site is fine and think that there is no need to spend too much time. Just adding a section for discontinued products for maintenance and fun.

  • i think you have to take a look a all text…. there are some references to the sidekick. when i use the contact form i get a message telling you ‘ll get back to me as soon as the shruthi-1 comes available.
    +1 for legacy products

  • Needs:
    Legacy products
    otherwise it’s fine.

  • One more vote for legacy page. Although I found them all before with URL guessing :))

  • So you all agree that there is some need for a legacy products page :)
    But it it more to have a way to access the manual, firmware files and stuff like this, or why do you think it is important?

    and don’t worry Olivier won’t have to sacrifice too much time on this, since it’s me taking care of it right now…

  • well for completeness. the shruti-1 is still worth being documented imo. the reason why the documentation had been removed was that people confused it with the docs for the Shruthi-1, hence causing troubles.
    but now with more discontinued stuff, in an own dedicated section with big letters “OLD OLD OLD” on top…. well there’s still potential for confusion, like people also don’t read build instructions (myself included) before building.

  • +1 for legacy stuff.

    Also link to CycliC page. :-)

  • A link to the Mutable Instruments merchandise also perchance?

  • @rosch: Even without the old stuff, there’s still potential for confusion ie reading the instructions for the wrong filter card…human nature. There would still be people with old filter cards they haven’t started yet, plus the SSM and SMR mk 1 cards are still on sale-better to keep that information available, plus people who buy older products secondhand and want to modify or service them…

  • +1 for legacy
    +1 for having the banner in the store link back to the homepage.
    +1 for merch

    I’d like to see a dedicated “demo” page. Each instrument with audio and/or video.

  • Give me money so that I can buy a nice camera with video. And more money so I can buy an apartment with a corner not filled up with boxes where I can shoot a video :)

  • I can cover any 8-bit apartment you can find. Turbo Graphic 16 domociles will depend on neighborhood. Anything N64 or above will be out of my financial buffer zone.

    I wasn’t suggesting you to shoot any video, but use anything you may already have or will have ( Modularesquare, this, etc)

  • man you really need a new cam, this one has a resolution like tetris!

  • I was more worried by the possibility of Game Over at Olivier’s place ;-)


  • The Horror…

  • Wish I be in Paris with all my shooting equipment…

  • maybe the link to the “custom filter editor” for the midipal should be a link in the menu.

  • Actually I wouldn’t mind a html table of contents for each manual so I can jump directly to the relevant section.

  • Maybe you should put a photo of the midipal in its new enclosure on the main page?

  • Did anyone notice that when clicking on a user profile you can see recent “private” discussions in the “activity” tab.
    For example it looks like Pichenettes received inbox by HUROLURA and Dalkiel about the Ambika.

    Not that I care personnaly, and I doubt people would get into personal matters here, but one might wanna this to be fixed.

  • whoops, that should really get fixed

  • I think those are mis-uses of the “comment about an user” section.

  • Yes, MicMicMan is right, when you click on a user profile you have a big text box with an “Add comment” button. It might look like a private message box and some people made the mistake… but it isn’t, it’s more a shared “wall” à la facebook. Totally useless I agree. There is a “send a message” link on the left menu, that’s how you can send a private message to a user.

  • I have a request for the new website…. On the DIY recources pages there are pictures of the eagle files of the boards. I find these images really handy together with the schematics for troubleshooting or moddig stuf. The Shruthi boards are so small that the size of the picture works perfect for that. But the on the Anushri and Ambika boards the traces in the picture get so small that you can’t use them anymore.
    Would it be possible for those pictures to be clickable and pop out on a hi-res version?

  • Done, thanks for the suggestion!

  • Super Thanks! but ehmm… don’t mean to complain but the Anushri mainboard is still to small to see numbers and traces. I don’t know if bigger popout fit’s with the website design?

  • I can’t get a larger export out of the Gerber viewer.

  • export them as PDF/SVG...

  • The SVF / PDF don’t look as pretty. I think the best option is still to grab the free/demo version of Eagle and open the board files there. At least you can activate/deactivate layers, see the name of traces and so on – hard to do that with static image files!

  • Is the procedure for setting the four trimmers on a Shruti dual SVF card still available somewhere? I don’t see it under the corresponding DIY resources section.

  • I have never written anything about that.

  • Actually you did, but it wasn’t on the website but in a discussion named ‘Dual SVF Tuning’...

  • Which is how I knew in what discussion it was written… But it might make sense to eventually add the procedure to the card’s web page. Building it is was no big issue but I doubt many people can deduce the tuning procedure without a small hint. At least I couldn’t.

  • @pichenettes Slider on the landing page shows Ambika as coming soon.

  • one idea for easier navigation: could it be made that clicking an external link on the forum opens a new tab instead of loading the new page in the old one?

  • to load a link in a new tab just hold ctrl on win or command on mac while clicking. I know many people who don’t like pages spawning new tabs for links…

  • @rosch middle click on your mouse do same trick.
    For Mac OS and Magic Mouse you can set middle click with MagicPrefs

  • At the moment the search function on the forum displays the oldest links first. When i use the search function i usually end up looking at the history of MI.
    Can it be reversed?

  • for completeness: right clicking and choose “open link in a new tab” does it too. MI happens to be the only diy forum that opens links in the same tab as far as i’m aware, that’s why i’m always surprised when it happens.
    the good thing in having it open an additional tab by default is actually that the main reason for being here is still available, links are mostly for reference or to answer a question. having both at the same time isn’t bad.
    could be i’m just getting old :D

  • well I’m sure that if there is a high enough demand for it, Olivier would be willing to change it…

  • Or you can click using the mousewheel to achieve a one finger open link in new tab.. ehmm..

  • Speaking of the website… this forum is now registered on tapatalk. These smartphone things are way above my head, so let me know if this works for you…

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