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  • Hello, everybody

    I have download a shruthi editor on CTRL program.i have not problem to send a midi change from the editor to the shruti.

    i also received midi message when i move a knob on the shruti it’s moving on the editor.

    but i’m surprised that when i change a patch on the shruti from example the first one, the junon patch, to another one normally all the knob in the editor should be moving.
    the sound change but nothing on the editor.

    the editor will be interesting when i’ll be able to see every knob moving on the screen.

    on the shruti, i put the midi parameter to = ctrl

    moreover, there is be latency…


    Shruti editor view.png
    1280 x 800 - 310K
  • Make sure you have both MIDI IN & OUT on the Shruthi hooked up to the computer and that the ctrlr MIDI IN & OUT are set the same ports as the shruthi is hooked up to. Also, make sure that the Shruthi MIDI OUT is set up properly. “Ctr” should work fine. I am testing it now and when I move a knob (Filter Cutoff) I see the knob move on the Ctrlr panel. Same if I move it at the Ctrlr panel I see the change at the Shruthi.

  • General question…..sorry if I run us off topic
    I see in the editor pic, there is a master volume….
    Is that accessible from Shruthi controls…and I missed it….or is it just reducing the overall envelopes maybe?

  • The Shruthi-1 master volume is accessible with midi CC 07 ; but is not exposed in the user interface.

  • Thank you!

  • thanks qp for your answer.

    but my question is that when i moved a patched on the shruthi editor it normally should changed all the knobs. i mean it soud be automatic.

  • Bourdon, if I remember correctly, when I was changing patches yesterday from the shruthi, it was updating on the ctrlr. Im not going to be home all week so I cannot check to make sure. Widy75 might be able to help you out. I only built the basic controls of the panel. Widy was the one that got under the hood and made it all kickass.

  • sry for the lag support at the moment …. im realy busy with other spare time activities ….“summer is skydive time … and all my spare time i spend in training for the austrian masterships” .. but by the way – auto request should work if u enable “auto request” check box in the patch area …maybe check with the midi monitor of ctrlr if u receive any dates – latenz … yeah there is one …... as vst ..there is the midi latenz / jitter , and the ctrlr plugin itself has a latenz and also the recording path has some .... i use currently version 925 ..there are newer versions of ctrlr with better midi timings … but not really compatible to some features i had used of ctrlr …. because i started to implement the stuff where ctrlr wasnt finished … and its still in progress ….... i add a sample delay of -570 samples on my recording path …. fore me this works fine :)

    the plan is if ctrlr fully integrates the vst export … to receive a stand alone vst plugin i will get into this again and fix the open issues :) ... with the ongoing changes on ctrlr itself and losing of some features of old panels im not realy happy …....

    in the meantime someone should host the ctrlr 925 version on ctrlr … someone once uploaded it to a dropbox .. but this was removed by the dropbox
    and i guess the ctlr 925 version is the only version where the plugin really works with all the features i implemented …...

    lg widy

  • Widy, I’ll look at my computer tomorrow when I return from work. I’m pretty sure I saved all official versions. If I do have it I’ll host it on ctrlr and maybe Dropbox as well.

    Enjoy the skydiving! It’s something i tell myself every year to do and it neve happens. Maybe this year :)

  • @in the meantime someone should host the ctrlr 925 version on ctrlr … someone once uploaded it to a dropbox .. but this was removed by the dropbox
    and i guess the ctlr 925 version is the only version where the plugin really works with all the features i implemented …...@

    Hi widy!

    It was me that upploaded Ctrlr version 925 to my Dropbox account, and it’s still available for download (I just checked) – here’s the link to the original thread:


  • hi martin
    oh sorry .. i forgot .. i also had a link to my drop box but this link was gone … and also i uploaded some stuff to dropbox and this was also removed ….so i guess drop box is not the best solution .. but if its stil there its ok ….

    however i will wait for total vst export … once i get into this stuff again
    lg widy

  • tried out the vst export today … hm…. seems there is a main issue …..
    vst itself did not store any values …. the gui shows the correct values but the values itself of controls/buttons are all 0
    need to take a look at this .. some in the forums had the same problems ….. maybe we need to wait until this was fixed
    but the new version 1078 i tried has many improvements and beter midi timings because of improved midi settings

    lg widy

  • Hi widy!

    There were plenty of improvements in the version 994 that originally tried – it just didn’t work properly with the Shruthi-1 Editor ;-)


  • i know i know ... but always get the nightly and fix broken things is not the best way to spend the spare time …
    i just tried today the 1078 build and just a few things broken …..
    i also contacted ctrlr developer for some vst support .. he will take a look at the broken vst values …....
    maybe i will wait for some results ….. before i fix the the panel for the latest version …...

    but the improved midi timing and the fixed resize problem are still 2 missing features of my old version to keep the panel up to date …maybe someone has skype and can help me retesting all the features ….

  • Hi, Widy75. Thank you foryour efforts and your work. It is much appreciated :)

  • ctrl developer told me the the next daly build will fix the restoring of mudulator values in vst stand alone
    lets see what the day brings next :)... and hopefully a rain weekend …more coding less training
    lg widy

  • next day .. problems over problems ….uh…but the vst stuff itself works as aspect

  • Thanks for all this hard work widy!

    You will get your reward in heaven ;-)


  • fly every weekend through the heaven as skydicver .. no rwareds there :( ... just painful raindrops in the clouds :(
    fixed today the maijor bugs fur version 1080 … the async handling of panel and midi drives me crazy
    lg widy

  • seems to work as a panel in version 1080 now … vst export has a major problem .. lua scripts are not working ….
    wait for a fix :) and release as one package ….. in the meantime i will port my virus b plugin to vst there are no lua scripts used :)
    lg widy

  • I see the nightly builds got updated, but i can’t log in on Ctrlr website anymore… As the issue got fixed yet ?

  • no its weorking here …. was logged in last week every day and did some testing on newer versions
    until this vst problems are fixed i can release my newer version of shruthi panel

  • Hi, Widy.
    Thank you for your reply. I meant i could reach the website but couldn’t login with my id.
    Thank you for your work.

  • Hello widy75, are you finally making a new version of your VST editor and ctrl pannel for the Shruthi 4PM? please let us know! Thanks a lot for all your work.

  • hi yeah sry
    this project is still on hold here, there are to many issues with the latest ctrlr framework ….. so i need to wait until this is fixed .. but im in contact with ctrlr developers
    the major issues for me are
    the new ctrlr framework has a better midi timing but also more jitter on midi communications up to 300 samples here …. seems not good
    but at the end i should provide a vst export because of the ongoing development on ctrlr and to be sure thats alwyse working
    but vst stuff has 2 major issues
    -did not store midi ports … alwyse the port with the export will be recoverd ..seems useless for others if alwyse my midi ports are installed
    -did not recover ctrlr / slider .. values
    so i need to wait until this was fixed .. sry for the delay

    but if anyone provides me some server storage i can provide the ctrl fw 526 i guess with the panel this should even work
    and i did a workaround here to improve my midi timings with ctrlr and reaper
    i still use normal reainserts and use the virtual midi ports
    but in paralell i load the ctrlr panel also with virtual midi ports
    and i connect this 2 virtual ports with midi ox to the real one …...

  • There had been a couple of recent updates : did it, by any chance, solve the issue ?

  • @widy75: I’m happy to put the Ctrl fw 526 and panel on my public Dropbox account as I did your previous one – just drop me an email.


  • @snk
    still waiting for answer on this vst topic
    but i guess i will wait for anushri and build a editor for this too … there i will see what is fixed in ctrlr and i can continue my porting job of the shruthi editor

    maybe we should zip a packeg and load it up to ctrl forum :)
    if i had time this wekk i can do it

    so many private projects here …. all days are to short at the moment …. still work on a asm2 from elby design ….

  • @widy75: Uploading to Ctrl forum would indeed be best if the appropriate Ctrl version can be included in the same ZIP. My offer still stands though if you need it.


  • @yew … i already own it …. because i developed the editor for ctrlr 925 ....and use it areleady :) .... just for others if they only download the editor but didnt have the right ctrlr version :)

  • Hi, Widy75.
    I just went on, and noticed that you released a panel for Anushri : are the issues with Ctrlr gone ?
    Do you think it will be possible to update your Shruthi panel (with latest Shruthi versions, like 4PM and MS20) ?
    (i wanted to post on Ctrlr forum, but i can’t login for whatever reason)
    Thank you again for your work !

  • Hi All,

    I’m using the latest CTRLR and the “official” Shruthi-1 panel from on OSX. I’ve managed to get MIDI send to work (I can control Shruthi-1 using the CTRLR panel), but I’ve never seen any feedback from the Shruthi-1 device. I’ve got Shruthi set to midi mode “ctrl” (also tried “full”) and can see the MIDI is coming in via the CTRLR debug windows, but still no joy on the interface.

    Is this a known issue or should it be working? Is there an updated version of the panel/ctrlr (or an older version) that works better?

    Thanks too for the hard work, Shruthi-1 really comes alive with a software editor, I’d just love to get the feedback going!

  • @bram
    the panel only work with 925 sry …because of multithreading after version 925 it could never work with a higher version sry (need to re-code everything but here is no time ) ...if u need some help just give me a skype call widy75 i can give u all the necessary stuff to run it under 925 version (for free) .....
    lg widy

  • Is there any OS version of CTRLR 925 or it was strictly for windows ?


  • I got it to work with the latest version somehow… even got the mouse cursor to appear, apparently there’s a Lua code fix on the forum.

    All parameters are Ok apparently.

  • Ah ! Forgot that I have a 4P Mission filter, the editor doesn’t have the option for the other filter modes. Still happy :D

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