Big Bass in yer face - how to
  • So I am kinda of a synth noob, I am looking to create some cool bass patches

    I already got a "vintage " style auto wah /squelchy bass down, but I am especailly looking for mor modern electro sounds. I really liked EATYones sound in the first seconds of this video.

    Could you guys post some basic orientation - what wave forms you like - etc- etc.

    Thanks guys
  • lucky for you, the shurti is totally ready for big bass (the sub-oscillator is particularly tasty, Olivier).

    FM waveforms could get you someplace really crazy, but if you want to keep it a lil simpler, a sawtooth with low cutoff and tasty resonance should get those cones flapping. honestly, it’s the first patch I made. called “SUB.” playing w/envelope modulation of the filter will get you different expressions, right.

  • thnx for the comment dude. Do you talk of the bass during the generic? Or after? ‘cause in generic it’s not a Shruti Bass but a midiBoxSid one …

    But like billygomberg said, ur Luky, the Shruti is a fuckin good bass generator!!!!

  • Some combinations I particularly like:

    • Osc1: saw 0 0 ; Osc2: square 0 -24 ; high cutoff and mild resonance. Not really “in your face”, but sounds very “analogue” and a bit esoteric.
    • Osc1: pwm 0 0 ; Osc2: square 32 -12 + Env1 routed to pwm1 ; no resonance, low cutoff high envelope modulation on filter. Fast envelope.
    • Osc1: square 0 0 ; Osc2: square 0 -12 ; high resonance, low cutoff ; high envelope modulation and fast envelope. Very funky.

    I’d rather spend time programming the patches and posting SysEx dumps :D

  • cool. thanks duders.!

    I will try these out once I get home today.

    EATYone. I am talking about the intro of your video. you know, while ET is spinning/dancing - first 20 seconds. :)
  • so the bass come from the midBoxSid… so if u haven’t got one, yo have to build one!!!!!

  • thanks for clearing that up. I need to save for a machinedrum now... no more diy for a while ;)
  • Why planing to buy a MachineDrum when u think that Olivier will invent the best ever made rythm box for the lower price ever?

    kniark kniark :):):)

    tell me that’s true Pichenettes :):):):) :D

  • Well ... I kinda doubt that it really can do THAT much with it (samplemangling)...

    I was looking into MPCs before that - but the machinedrum seems soooooooooo badass! :)
  • Don’t doubt (sorry in advance Olive), but do a search with google with the name of Olivier, and u will find is student subject, and after that no doubt is possible… :D

  • honestly I find the Elektron gear to be some of the lustiest contemporary electronic gear (that I can’t make myself of course). if I (ever) make another big gear purchase it will probably be a Monomachine or whatever I drool on the most at a shop.

  • eatyone - could you post a link? googled, but i guess i couldn't find what you're talking about...
  • you have to register to read his thesis :)

  • Man, that’s old stuff… I doubt there’s anything here valuable to the development of classic drum machines hardware. But yes, in the future, audio editors, audio players, and samplers will understand, in a structured/object-oriented way, the music they will play