Bananas [was "Poor enclosure ?"]
  • Hi,

    I don’t want to moan, but somehow the enclosure of the shruthi is very poor imo. Every photograph I see shows a crystal clear acrylic enclosure but mine is 1. very milky, 2. there’s a big recycling print on it’s side and 3. there is an ugly fat bar on it.

    I’ve uploaded a photo on flickr to show it:

    I’m definitly not happy with it. Do you think I can ask for a replacement because this has nothing to do with all the nice enclosures that I’ve seen everywhere? ...

    Thank you!
    Best regards

  • Just peel off the protective layer of plastic and the familiar clear acrylic enclosure will reveal itself. :)
    It’s kind of like the plastic film you see on new computers, phones, etc.

  • LOL, take the protective film off :D

  • I don’t have photos or step by step instructions but I have found those for a similar problem:

  • I thought the exact same thing as you. not very obvious that its there. Even harder to get off, think I lost a fingernail or two :)

  • He opened the banana from the bottom, that’s completely wrong!

  • that’s really a very strange way to peel a banana. especially since he first starts at the correct end, but then changes to the wrong one. very peculiar.

  • He could have probably streamlined the instructions by getting rid of the second image entirely.

  • :D :D hell… that was embarassing …

  • It’s all right, I can understand getting mad if that really was how the cases looked!

  • It is recommended to wash the enclosure in clear water after having removed the protective foil – to remove all the dust from the cutting.

  • uhm, are you saying that us humans – the crown of creation! – should peel bananas the way mere monkey do?!? something has to set us apart from those beasts!

    also, i find it kind of hard to believe that the author of that youtube video has to ‘struggle’ to peal a banana the proper way. the whole video is probably just a hoax.

  • He’s obviously biased, just look at those pants!

  • well spotted!

    you know what – he might even be a monkey in disguise! trying to subvert our clearly superiour way of peeling bananas.

  • please frank, do a Banana Chart for this!

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