Could we amend two current thread titles for clarity please?
  • Hi folks, and particularly Olivier,

    My memory isn’t what it was, but I wonder if it would be helpful to everyone if:

    @Coming soon from Mutable Instruments…@ thread title could be changed to @Anushri budget analogue and drum synth – coming soon from Mutable Instruments…@


    @As promised…@ changed to @Ambika polyphonic synth – as promised…@

    or something similar ;-)


  • Yeah, I keep forgetting to take those ;-)


  • Oh, and thanks for the thread title changes Olivier – I won’t need the Lecithin now :-)


  • oh great, and i keep searching and searching for that “as promised” thread – only to find that it has been arbitrarily changed into a totally enigmatic “announcing anoushri”. :D

  • Where’s the sticky-out-tongue smiley when you need it? ;-)