Little Miss Sunshine
  • (VW bus not included)

    Placeholder topic for conspiracy theories…

  • edit: better idea later…

  • A controller for the distillation of Pastis?
    Nice and knobby anyway!

  • Hey, she is naked ;-)

  • drool, semi-modular Shruthi? Oh wait, maybe those 1/8” jacks for individual voice outputs, so my guess is 8-voice Shruthi :)

  • Shruthi Polluti? Is it just me, or is her nakedness just a nice extra? Summertime, and the living is sleazy.
    I still want her clad in a funky plexi, but she has to grow up and say hi first.

  • It has MIDI. So must be capable of playing music.

  • an ‘improper’ drum machine?

  • According to the labels on the PCB, FM and PW…??? Definitely a synth.


  • It’s a hardware controller for the Mutable Instruments fart app. Runs on iOS and Android.

    Hope it can do PWM on arbitrary waveforms. And supersaw ;)

  • It’s a 4-voice synth, those 1/8“s 4 ins on one column, 4 outs on the other

  • Looks like it has a Fuzz and Sync switch

  • yep !
    pretty sure it’s this thing

    and that it’s a cool replacement for the sidekick :)

  • Where has the 2x40 Display gone??? So its just a FakeMS20 Controller like thingy for a mutableInstruments VA ? Kind of a MPC Legacy? Moulder?

  • The PCB labels didn’t make out very well in Photoshop when zooming, but I labeled them in the attached graphic, translated from a Retina display.

    1024 x 685 - 663K
  • Looks like fun tweaking that thing. :-)

  • ok, stab; 2 DCO (sweepable Sq & Tri) synth with 4 IN/OUT CV control (+-5V?) 1 LFO (looks like all litho pots, so sweepable between the different LFO shapes?) and 2 EG (Filter & VCA). Fuzz is possibly for routing the Filter Out Back IN? Hmmmmmmmm…... The buttons are for presets, maybe. 3 banks of 5? Or more Juno-esque where holding the red and pressing one of the 5 gives you 5 more for a total 25 or 40? Those “First Roars” demos don’t sound digital. And all crammed onto the bottom board, double sided? Filter on Bottom, DCO/Digital on top?

  • Do we need to start a website called :)

  • There are no presets. Red is Rec.

  • I’m switching my guess to semi-modular doo-hickey – with looping functions

  • Yeah, that really throws my thought out. Hmmmm. To much waiting! :)

  • Man! How many projects are you juggling at once!!!

  • Refresh..refresh…refresh

  • Well I, for one, will not be able to resist buying something with that many knobs on it, especially when some are labeled “fuzz” and “fm”. Gimme.

    Do you hear me Oliver? Gim…

  • @fleetway76: I work 4 to 5 projects at the same time, so that I always have something on my plate when I’m blocked waiting for parts/protos, or simply when I’m getting stuck in a dead-end and need to work on something easier to change my mind.

  • Intriguing…


  • Looks sidekickish definitely. I love my sidekick and I keep thinking about how to make it more. It’s definitely full of untapped potential. Maybe this will be the next in sidekick evolution?

  • I am really going to need to save up some serious coin if Olivier keeps coming up with this stuff.

  • Hmmm, if my suspicions are correct we’ve heard this on Soundcloud already-minidarkbrutosaurus?

  • ok it looks really super good
    Seems like we’re gonna have 3 new machines soon.

    Olivier, will you show us this one at the parisian meeting too???

  • I’ll bring it ; but I’m not sure which machines are the 2 other ones…

  • @pichenettes Don’t be a Tease thread and Little Miss Sunshine thread, are the same thing? Do you know if either or one of the projects will be a limited run only? I want to be sure to set aside enough money for the limited run project. :)

  • Only Shruthi-1 “semi kits” are limited runs.

    It’s not clear yet if the projects you have mentioned, and which are 2x to 5x more complex than Shruthi-1s, are going to be turned into kits.

  • I was thinking “mystery bigger than shruti project” “little miss sunshine” and “ms20-delay-shruti”... naaah too much suspense! Too bad they all will come a little too late for me to solder-marathon during my upcoming holidays.

  • The board for the MS20 delay has been ordered friday morning, so it won’t be ready by then. And there’s no way I’m going to bring the messy breadboard proto!

  • Haha I can understand that!

    Still can’t wait to see the other things, and the creator himself!

  • 19 pots… what a strange number…

  • Like the number of notes to Mozart… Precisely the number required.

  • Olivier is going to look like a Jedi ninja, with characteristics similar to Yoda.

  • So is this a DIY project? You had mentioned not doing any DIY for a while…

  • I only read he won’t do new DIY projects. Just because its new to you doesn’t mean its new for Olivier…. it takes some time to develop things that use more than one Pot ;-)

  • It’s a DIY project. It’s the opposite of Ambika – I actually did the bulk of it in one week in february just because I needed fresh air. It’s deliberately dumb and the feature list is small ; but it’s the right kind of dumb and no other machine has this kind of feature list.

    I have a queue of DIY projects to flush. Some of them might stay in the queue.

  • I’m intrigued. I wonder if the feature-set is anything like that of my Waldorf 4-Pole.


  • @a|x
    You have a missing Piece in my Collection. GIVE IT TO ME!!!!

  • @fcd72 It’s funny you should say that. I’ve had the 4-Pole all boxed up and ready to go on eBay for a while now. I love it, but I haven’t used it for years, so it really should move on to a better home.
    We might be able to come to some arrangement.


  • @a|x
    for shure . . . we should eMail the Rest ;-)

  • @fcd72 drop me a line.


  • I like the sound of something that is intentionally dumb. I hope that the 3.5mm jacks are cv connectors, but I don’t know if I want them to be inputs or outputs.

  • My other thought is it might be a bass synth.
    Or a more flexible Sidekick, with MIDI control.


  • It doesn’t use the Shruthi-1 filter boards so it’s not a “Sidekick”.

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