"Soundbeam" an oscilloscope App for iOS devices
  • Hello

    I became aware of this app today. I have not tried it yet but wanted give heads up to you folks


  • It’s more of an signal analyser than anything. You won’t want to risk putting voltages into the headphone/mic port of your phone.

  • Why not get a USB soundcard for 5 Euro or so for this? Not much loss if you break it…

  • Because this is free for anyone with a iDevice, and it can use the inbuilt mic if needed.. I do however agree on not plugging anything potentially high voltage into my iPhone.. !
    (Killed a iPod Classic 160gig by applying 15v to the outer case… )

  • No I meant plug the USB soundcard into the iThing, should be possible I guess?

  • Nope, not possible (since its not a official apple approved thing).. :(
    (Can’t even use the camera connection kit with a iPhone, you have to have the iPad .)