Stuff I want to get rid of...
  • Back in 2010 I bought those to see if I could use them as enclosures for an upcoming project (a synth called “Shruthi-1”). I haven’t found any use for them.

    The red, black, and plum ones are 1790NS. The small red one is a 1590NS. They come with the 4 screws.

    All gone except the small red one

    Price: I am just asking for the shipping fees (10€ France, 15€ Europe/UK, 25€ elsewhere). Or can put those with your next order (except of course PCB orders that I ship in envelopes).

    I can let them go separately.

  • And now some more free stuff. All I ask is for you to reserve here the items you want (first come first served), and purchase quantity = 1 of the “spare parts” item on the shop. Put the items you have claimed in the comment box before you validate your cart.

    A bunch of 3.5mm jacks


    A bunch of big on/off switches

    A bunch of misc electrolytic capacitors (100uF to 470uF)

    Some 7809s

    A tube of 64kbits eeproms (not usable on a Shruthi-1, too slow)

    A bag of 2k trimmers

    20x 220uF caps

  • Some more free stuff:

    A bag of 50x knobs, similar to those used for the Shruthi, but for knurled shafts. Misc colors (yellow and white)

    These ones are big, so you’ll need to pay the shipping fees for a proper package ; or I can bundle them with your next Mutable Instruments.

    I want those to go away quickly — thus, “Please keep them apart and ship them to me when I order your Shruthi-VA in august 2013” is not an acceptable option.

  • Ooooooo :
    A 2x40 LCD module, white on blue, some pins soldered -Do want!

    A pair of ATMega 1284p -Can i take one? (Don’t want to be greedy :) )

    A bag of 25 PCB-mounted pots with long shaft -Can i get five or ten? I don’t mind taking all, but again, i don’t want to be greedy when i don’t need more :)

    Bunch of knobs – Can i take the grey ones?

    A bunch of 3.5mm jacks – Can i get five? :)

    ^- Official reservation, pending approval by pichenettes ;)

  • can i have the black knobs?

    could you combine them with my outstanding shruthi/midipal order?

  • Black knobs gone.

  • Order made, just stuff however much you feel like in it ^^

  • the panel mount pots and the encoders shall be taken care of. (are the encoders the right type for the shruthi, i mean turning sense/pinout, not height)
    ah yes, the kerkos too, they’re always needed.
    pls let me know what i owe you

    edit: are the big boxes stable enough to make a foot switch?

  • I can join a set of stick on feet with the boxes. These boxes are kind of standards for DIY stomp boxes. As for the encoders, two are OK, the other one is untested. I’ll throw a fourth one which is like the one that goes with the Shruthi but without detents.

  • I’m about to order polivoks pcbs and chips… I’ll gladly take some pots off your hands if they are the correct resistance. thanks

  • Okay funkyfli, you’ll get the panasonics. They have the correct resistance, they just need some shaft cutting (and might require knobs with screws).

  • Awesome. Thanks. Luckily, I have a large collection of knobs with screws :)

  • As i pmed it to pichenettes, i’d be glad to take some pots, the atmel chip left and a 1790NS enclosure… :)

  • Blitz-delivery! man i thought those boxes were plastic, but it’s sturdy metal! thanks a lot!

  • Speaking of which: I still have one metal box (the small red one) ; and all the electronics parts mentioned above.

  • i would be glad to take that small red case. also the 5 mini jacks that are left, 3x 7809 and a bunch of mixed elkos. (i hope i am not to greedy) i would love to get that with my midipal order which i`ll make as soon as the assembled ones are ready to ship.
    if you want to free up storage space sooner, i`ll gladly pay for the shipping right now and do an extra order for the midipal.

  • Ok, reserved.

    I still have some 220uF elkos, trimmers, the on/off switches, the I2C eeproms ; and the 50 knobs for knurled shafts.

  • I’d be happy to take then knobs along with my upcoming MIDIpal in a metal case plus an SSM-2044 VCF board if that’s OK.

  • Hmmm, this was supposed to be some clean up before the arrival of the MIDIpal cases… I’d really like to avoid having to keep this stuff aside please.

  • If someone else wants those before that, I’m not going to complain. I was hoping that the MIDIpal cases were coming really soon.

  • I was hoping too :)

  • I received my enclosures today also.
    Thanks a lot :)

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