SSM2164PZ alternatives for 4 Pole Mission
  • Since the SSM2164PZ is no longer being manufactured (according to Farnell) can I use something else ?

    Farnell suggests SSM2018PZ.

  • The kits used a v2164d from small bear electronics. This is an equivalent replacement for the SSM2164

  • I saw that. But for some reason I decided that I was limited to buying in bulk, but I see now that I can buy fewer.


  • There is no equivalent. For now, Small Bear is the only source. The chip is still manufactured, but only sold in quantities of 2000 or so from CoolAudio. The rumor is that AD will resume the manufacturing of those, so they will ultimately be easier to find.

  • or you can play ebay roulette for an original ssm…

  • The closest you “could” get from A/D would be SSM2024, but that chip has current in/current out/current control! The SSM2164 should be current in/current out/voltage control. Also, the SSM2024 has a log/log control relationship. The SSM2164 is linear in and log out as far as the gain control goes.

    The SSM2024 is sadly even more unobtanium than the SSM2164/V2164. It was discontinued years ago.

  • here’s another source for v2164’s (it’s a japanese shop…)

  • If I ever find a bigger workshop with a proper storage room I’ll order a bunch of those in bulk and will sell them too.

  • I purchased one from here. When it arrives, I’ll let ya know if its good or not.

  • Note that they are sold at $4.50 a piece by tubes of 25 from AD ($3.45 for larger quantities, don’t remember if it’s 100 or 250). So if you guys want to organize a group purchase this would be a better option.

  • i’m always in for group purchases like that. also, if stocking them is something you’d consider for the future that would be great.

  • @qp
    what was the result on that 2164 from ebay?


  • Works like a champ. I have found that chip purchases from China are a crapshoot though. If they end up being fakes, they will refund your money, but its a hassle I’d preffer to avoid. You could try Mammoth Electronics. They are pretty reasonably priced.

  • @pichenettes so AD has new parts again?

  • Still listed as “last time buy”; DIP and SOIC versions still in stock though. Bought a stash of them from CoolAudio.

  • @qp cheers I will need a few , one asap for the Yellow Magic … I did not realise Mammoth were so cheap.

  • Mammoth also has good prices on effects pedal sized enclosures. Lots of paint options. Going to try sometime to see quality.

  • I’ve ordered several Hammond custom painted enclosures from Excellent quality and from what I checked, cheaper than Mammoth. They also offer pre drilling for $1 per hole (or less for higher quantity)

  • So Im also trying to find a alternative to SSM2164 for my DIY Ripples… :S, this seems legit and THAT Corp sells this on mouser so Im thinking it seriously

    of course this wont work (without hacking) in a 4 Pole Mission because of the PCB design.

  • The V2164 is the new produced clone of the SSM. It’s exactly the same chip and available at a lot of places that specialize in music electronic parts like Smallbear
    And i think there is also a few people on the forum that have a bit too much of them…

  • Don’t buy the THAT chip it’s silly. V2164s are quite easy to find. This is not “cloning” in that they didn’t have to reverse engineering the part – instead they bought the intellectual property. This is perfectly legit second-sourcing, the same way you’ll find 74hc595 from Texas Instruments, ST Micro, Om semi…

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