Shruthi-1 with a wind-controller
  • I’ve done a couple of week’s worth of experimenting with the Shruthi-1 and my WX-5 wind midi controller. It took me a couple of months to get this far, because I didn’t realize breath (cc2) was implemented at all. It is though, and seems to be hard-wired to filter cutoff, which is the most sensible option for most cases. I’d like to experiment further and was wondering if there is any way to get access to breath in an unmodified Shruthi-1, seeing as it’s not available as a modulation source. If you’d like to hear the fruits of my experimentation so far, I soloed on the WX via the Shruthi-1 thoughout this hour-long set

  • You could use a MIDIpal to map your WX-5 ccs to any CC you like….. I’m wondering if the WX-5 CC output can’t be changed?

  • The WX-5’s wind sensor can send breath control (cc2), expression (cc11), or volume (cc7), none of which are modulation sources, unfortunately. I’ve already considered the MIDIpal, and it might be the solution in the end.
    Just so I know, would it be possible for me to alter the Shruthi-1’s code to replace say cc16 with cc2 as a modulation source?

  • I’ll continue my question in the Firmware development / hacking forum…

  • if you run your wx-5 into your computer and then back out to the shruthi you can transform the CCs to whatever you’d like using a program like MIDI-OX (windows) or MIDIpipe (mac) – I believe MIDI-OX even implements translation maps via program changes so you can switch translation maps along with your programs

  • I also play wind controller (WX7). What I did was change the code to redefine ccA from 16 to 2. It’s a one-line change to the appropriate constant declaration somewhere. [edit: saw that the other thread discusses the details.] That opens up the whole mod matrix to wind control; in one of my patches, for instance, CC2 controls cutoff, VCA, pwm1, pwm2, and osc mix.

  • @Rimwolf That sounds exactly like what I want to achieve, though I’m still struggling to build the firmware. I know there’s a bug, but if you haven’t encountered a serious problem with it, is there any chance I can get a copy of your modified firmware?

    • scratch that – I’ve managed to build the firmware, so I can experiment on my own.
  • @defenestration I’ve played with the idea, but it means a round-trip to the pc and the added latency that entails. And complicates the setup. I know I asked for advice with an unmodified Shruthi-1 and I appreciate the suggestion, but actually modifying the firmware seems like a more elegant solution.

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