CEM3379: PCB+Chip For sale
  • Blank pcb + chip: 50€ without shipping cost. g l e c t e z at g m a i l . c o m

  • What are you doing?? ;-)

  • I’ve got other ones (as u know), and as i read here, this product is discontinued, and i know some others peeps have the right to have this monster so … Is it too expensive? I’ve paid 15€ for the pcb, and 60 for the chip…

    Hi dude!!!!!

  • omg 60 for the chip…. my last one was for 30 or 35 but that’s more than a year ago (and it was risky ebay deal, but was fine)
    i’d better have bought them all back then hahaha

  • Id rather cut my arm off then letting one of my CEMs go – so for anyone even slightly interested: GO MAIL EATYONE QUICK ! TOP PRICE!!

  • frank, you really think that your arm is worth more than 60€?

  • I’m a cheap Thing…..

  • But your brain is not!

  • well he’s got eight arms…

  • and don’t forget about cutting bottoms

  • oh god, don’t go there again. I will have to post photos.

  • (singing)
    Hey Hey
    I just cut the bottom today
    Everybody’s happy now
    The bad thing’s gone away

  • Can exchange the kit with a piece of Olivier or Frank brain too…

  • Arm too :D

  • Did you think about all of us? What shall we do after that?

  • Using your gears perhaps instead of soldering?

  • i think this world will endure another thousand of shrutis and programmers =)

  • This is a pretty disturbing derailment, btw…

  • according to Freud building diy kits and deliberately not following instructions, and purposely not getting them to work right away and then nag the inventor and spam the forum with reproachful complaints about suddenly obsolete caps or missing resistors can in fact (in a metaphorical sense) considered chewing on their gods bones= demolition of the father figure= Oedipus complex
    shit i knew it

    you’re cannibals!!!

  • not sure if you have actually been reading freud or just watched some woody allan movies ;)

  • only woody allen :)
    i don’t read

  • 40€ or i’m searching for cmoy preamp or some Altoid box :-)

  • OK EATY, ill take it!

  • “sold”

  • too late, darn. Frank matrix asked about you, I gave contact info

  • Sorry dude…

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