Midi Clk from ext device.
  • I have just built my MidiPal and all seems to work so far apart from if I connect an external midi (say TR-707) to the in and the out of MidiPal to my Juno it will not work, it works fine if I have the Juno out to the in of the MidiPal. Also in monitor mode it is picking up the midi from the 707 fine, has anyone experienced this? I am trying to use the arpeggio on the juno while clk from the TR-707.

  • I am not sure I understand the problem…

    Which app are you using?

    In which order are the devices connected?

  • I am using the arpeggio app with ext clk switched on in the midipal.

    Here goes :)

    TR707 midi out – Midipal in, Midipal out – Juno 106 midi in. It will not arp the Juno this way. (But in monitor mode it picks up the 707 fine when I press start, stop or cont. also the BPM counter on MidiPal reads from the TR-707 in the BPM app

    Arpeggio works fine when MidiPal out – Juno in / Juno out – MidiPal in. Its when I try to use an external trigger it doesn’t seem to work.

    I hope this makes sense.

  • The problem is that the arpeggiator needs to be fed notes to arpeggiate. If it only receives the clock from the 707, it doesn’t know which notes it has to play.

    Try this:
    Juno MIDI out -> TR707 midi IN ; TR707 midi out -> MIDIpal midi IN ; MIDIpal midi OUT -> Juno MIDI in.

  • Cool, that didn’t’ work either, I think it could be more my lack of midi knowledge, I shall return tomorrow after more study, or maybe a sleep :)

  • I think I have the same problem like safetyboy. Arpeggiator and Delay don’t work with ext clock although I can see the red MIDI IN LED fast blinking. Also Monitor app confirms incoming clock and notes being pressed on MIDI keyboard. LFO CC and Drums apps work fine with incoming (ext) MIDI clock.

    I’ve checked the output of midipal with MIDI-OX and found out that if Arpeggiator has clock set to ext it doesn’t send out any MIDI notes (just checked if the notes are not being sent out low on scale or with low velocity which could have been possible reason too for not hearing it), clock goes nicely through and interestingly channel aftertouch (on respective MIDI channel) makes it through as well. If clock is set to int all behaves as expected.

    I’ve found out that if int clock is used in Arpeggiator the first key press generates MMC start message and then after a key release a MMC stop message is sent out at the end of the measure/time division (or whatever it is). Does that mean that ext clock is expecting MMC start message before it can produce any notes on output? (I’m currently trying to figure out if I can tweak my controller template so it can fire MMC messages/events like start, stop, etc. to try this out.)

  • All apps that generate stuff that can be aligned to a beat grid or that do not have an explicit “run” menu expect to receive a start message when set to external clock. Otherwise no beat-level synchronization could happen. For example, if the arp pattern is set to a grid of quarter notes, if you press a key off-beat it won’t start instantly, it will make sure that the notes are aligned with the beat (clock tick 0 .. 6 .. 12 .. and so on). For that we need to know when the pattern starts, and this is why it expects a start message.

  • Ok, thanks for clarification ;-)