[SOLD] FS Mfb Synth II
  • I guess this one needs little introduction. Fully analogue, 1-knob per function, built in sequencer and mini-keyboard. While I like it I actually never use it, because other synths get all the attention, and now as soon as I’ll get my programmer to work it will be even worse. So I’d be willing to sell it for about 300€ plus shipping.
    Of course it perfectly working and in great shape aestetically.

  • Hmm I might be interested… Did you have problems with MIDI clock sync with the synth? I heard some things about that, but don’t know how true they really are.

  • no not that I know. I usually rely on midi clock for syncing things like lfos and stuff, didn’t try with the sequencer, since I actually didn’t use the sequencer much. If you want I could test is if you want to be sure.

  • No, its alright, I just wanted to hear about your experiences with Midi clock sync with the synth. Oh I have another question: Is it really such a hassle to tune the oscillators? Waiting for it to warm up etc.?

  • yeah it’s really kind of old school, and totally analogue, somehow they didn’t add any digital circuitry to automatically tune the VCOs, so they are subject to drifting and you have to tune them by hand. It needs a bit of warming up, but then once you have tuned it pretty much stays in tune (at least it appeared to do it for me). This may very well depend on the place, if you have temperature oscillations on the room, the tuning might drift away.
    I must say that, while some people complain about it, I find this to be part of the charm of analogue circuitry, and the little out of tune in my experience was never really so much as that it would sound bad, and most of the time you probably don’t even notice it.
    Anyway, tuning the thing means tuning the tuning knob on the top left of the panel. Are you more the live performance type of musician? I never used it live, so I couldn’t say how it behaves… always kept it in the home studio.

  • Yes, I would buy it for live performance, thats why I’m asking. I was thinking about a nice minimal live setup with mfb synth 2, mfb-522, 1 or 2 shruthis and maybe an fx pedal. I have to give it some thought, maybe I will buy it anyway, or wait for the mfb dominion-x with the new filter….

  • Well one thing I can say for sure, it has one big plus regarding live use: lots of knobs! Plus you get a sequencer which you can transpose via midi or with the built in keyboard. It’s playable also standalone. Well think about it and let me know! If you want to see pics or video let me know.

  • you’re not interested by a trade for a sammich sid???

  • well… I totally would, but I’ve already got one, sorry.

  • i’d totally like to have one sammisch SID
    maybe you [rumpelfilter] can give flo your mfb synth II so he can give me his sammisch?

  • well, at least i tried.

  • Hahah :) How about a sammichFM? We have a second one here that we don’t really use…

  • @MicMicMan: well you give me the money for the SammichSID, and I send the MFB to flo and he sends the SammichSID to you, complicated but might work :D

    @flip: that one I might have to think over… tempting, but I also need money right now… hmm.

  • @flip: ok I thought about it thoroughly and thanks but I’ll skip on the sammichFM.

  • Not to put pressure on you guys, but I have had a couple of other requests in the last days. You have the priority right now, so I’m holding the others on standby. So please let me know. :)

  • i pass my turn…. money need…

  • Synth II has been sold.

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