simple mods for effect
  • hello

    i have found something interresting on smr4 mk1 board

    just solder two cables from ic3 with a 470ohm pots ,on pin 1 and 14
    enjoy the modulator ,work well with high open filter resonnance

    also i gain and distortion ,you can swap the 10k resistor near c13 for a potentiometer (sorry i don’t have exact value because i have only a 1k for the moment )

  • Sounds cool, can you take some photos of the mod?

  • nice. can you post a demo on soundcloud or something?

  • It looks like this adds the oscillators signal to the cutoff CV, but in a terrible way. Is there any reason why you did it this way, instead of adding a resistor on one of the pads labelled F>, and connecting the output of the mixer there?

  • terrible way ,

    hahaha i’m not engineer ,i don’t know the schematics and i don’t found it ,i have lot of difficulty to read the layout ,and i just find something by hazard when i have make the checking test for my problem before on resonnance .

    when i have listen this modulation i have want to see if it’s possible to attenuate ,with a pot

    i don’t know if they damage the circuit .

    Thank’s for your explanation

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