Potentiometer of EM-1 Korg
  • Could you help me find this component.
    This is a volume potentiometer of a EM-1 Korg

    2012-05-31 19.24.32.JPG
    3264 x 1836 - 626K
    2012-05-31 19.26.37.JPG
    3264 x 1836 - 504K
    2012-05-31 19.25.16.JPG
    3264 x 1836 - 531K
  • did you find the answer?
    here’s the service manual (I’m troubleshooting a broken em-1 myself), check there:

  • Looks like a fairly standard 9mm upright PCB mounted pot. The D-shaft axle seems to be 25/15 overall/d-shape in length. Also, it has a bushing. My best bet is that it’s a Panasonic pot. The value has to be in the service manual.

  • It has two pairs of legs, I wonder for what…

  • Doh! I should have clicked the picture instead of just blazing along. It’s definately an Alps. I guess the extra legs means it has a switch. Then it will be harder to find… The remedy here is probably to get in touch with Korg service.

  • yes the extra pair of legs stands for a switch.

    It looks a bit like this one
    but we have to find the right length now…

    edit : this one looks a bit closer

  • There were a couple of metal shaft pots with bushings that had longer shafts, the issue then is if the bushing fits in the panel hole, or if you have to drill a bigger one…

    Edit: I saw you found it…

  • But hertek’s potentiometer is not supposed to be screwed. I’m quite curious about the brand of this thing.

  • It’s still an Alps. Just the variant without a bushing. The similar (compatible replacements) Panasonic EVU-F don’t come in any switched variants at Mouser as far as I could see.

  • Its a stereo pot. with no switch.

  • Blimey! Didn’t know those were made in 9mm.

  • http://www.guitar-parts.com/catalog/korg-pot-rotary-362009018

  • ding ding ding! we have a winner

  • a stereo potentiometer with only 5 pins? Shared “ground”? That’s pretty weird.

  • I don’t know, have a look at the schematic.
    It also says in the link that it’s a volume pot from the korg EM-1.

  • yeah, i saw that. Anyway, for $5, this link provided by ikke is kind of a no-brainer :)

  • Yes, it shares the ground connection.

  • I’m sorry, I was away for some time. It’s good for me, I found the component near my house in order. Thank you for your research.
    Now I have the full service manual, it’s great.

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