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  • Yummy ! Wondering what this is… SD card slot ?

  • omagad

    edit : sooooooo as i guessed there is an AC power input, and a bigger screen :)

    But most of all, we can observe that there are seemingly 6 outputs, or at least 6 audio jacks AND that it’s a pretty nice sandwich!

    Also, it looks like there are at least 2 almost-identical (filter?) boards. It could even be 4 of them…

    The SD slot would indicate that it’s some kind of a killer, multi-voiced sampler? sampling drum machine?

    I’m totally addicted, almost ready to hit the “checkout” button :(

  • is that the drum machine??

  • Oh my gosh! It has a sd card.
    Sampler with analoug Filter?
    I Don’t even care what it is – i want One!

    edit: are These 6 individual outputs?
    Damn. I need another new mixer soon.

  • My colleague here teases me that I will probably buy one even though I don’t know what it is. He is correct!

  • “it started with this… and it ended up with that”

  • where did you buy it?

  • Drum and bass? or drum and sitar.

  • tell us more please !!!!

  • O_o

    Multitimbral Polysynth?! Gotta be some polysynthing going on with all those boards.

  • SD card… sampler? Now that WTPA2 is out…

  • Polyphonic version (nice!!!!) and/or Drum with Sampler capabilities !?

  • At least wait until I have some money!

  • Woo! unlocking the mystery. Wait, WTPA 2.0 is out?

  • You are my new god.

  • Pretty sure the wtpa2 isn’t out yetl…

  • I wonder if it’s a drum machine? Why would you need 6 outputs for a synth? Even a polyphonic synth?

  • @bleo oh… sorry to have diffused wrong information, I thought it was…

  • dr eigendrums i presume.

  • @titus, if it’s a 6 voice polysynth with multitimbral, it can be configured as 6 mono synths, thus, 6 outputs.

  • I’m favouring the Eigendrum-type-thing theory. Excited to find out if I’m right :)


  • This is not a sampler.

    I cannot do a DIY sampler with your requirements. I would need 1 year of work full-time, to do a sampler matching your requirements, but then it wouldn’t be a kit, just an assembled product, that I would have to sell at a hefty price because only 50 of you would buy it. No way I’m going to waste time on that.

    If you want a SK-1 or Mirage-like device, we could talk more about that. But your dream of a DIY octatrack is never going to happen!

  • allright. Something else then. I have just been beginning to experiemnt with emu sampler through shruthi (for Analog filtering)
    Anyways. Must be something for drums then.

  • Judging from the many strange posts over the past few months, I don’t think it is a drum machine either.

    I bet its a polysynth using a new and unheard of synthesis, or something long forgotten in synthesis technique. Karplus Strong? Additive? PD? Physical Modeling? A really trippy rompler thing?

    I’m excited!

  • >>> Rompler
    Thats my guess with the sd. PROVE ME WRONG WORLD.

  • Solder iron already hot! When can I start?

  • I need a hardware sequencer…but with the SD card,It is surely not that

  • Given it will be using ATMega still I don’t think anything massively more powerful in terms of oscillator models. Perhaps multiple ATMega chips?

  • When did everyone agree on requirements for a sampler? I’m sure if you made a sampler that didn’t take a ton of time to develop, it would be cool and people would buy it. Of course everyone wants a Ferrari for $100, doesn’t mean they won’t buy something else. (For the record, all I want is a WTPA-like thing at a reasonable sample rate with a shruthi filter bolted on. Doesn’t seem like too much to ask dev-wise – the hardware limitations seem the main factor)

    So it looks like a drum machine. I think I just peed my pants.

  • I also looking for a drum machine…with 6 outputs

  • It’s like a Big Mac with the 3 pcb’s stacked.

  • @HeRtEk: Midibox sequencers actualy have sd cards for pattern storage

  • Okay loderbast, I did not know, thank you for the information.
    So maybe…

  • @randy909 Problem with a DIY sampler is that it has to be cheap enough to sell as a kit but complex enough to be attractive to buy.

    I don’t see (m)any failings in commercial samplers. They do everything and more, they just have gone out of fashion as you can do it all in software now with much much less bother.

    I’m also amazed the “has to be analog” crowd haven’t jumped on the analog sampler bandwagon and made lots of mellotron clones :)

  • it looks like something to make sandwiches with six differents kind of sauce

  • @6581punk: I don’t agree about the commercial samplers. I can’t name one commercial sampler that piques my interest other than octatrack. (But that doesn’t mean I’m asking for a DIY ocatatrack.)

    My point was just that it seemed like Oliver took a bunch of random comments about what people would like and made those a requirements list. I hope he didn’t scrap plans for a sampler because we (I) sounded like he couldn’t sell something unless it had all those features. That would be a damn shame. I’d still buy an SK-1-like thing from him if he made one, even though it isn’t the uber-granular-through-analog-filter-thingy that I really want. I’m sure the thing I want isn’t feasible, as has been told to me repeatedly now. Still fun to daydream though.

    Anyway, back to the topic… AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH WHAT IS IT???!!!

  • Unless you’ve tried every sampler then how do you know? :)

  • I’m still pulling for the drum machine thing. The SD card… something that it does eats up enough memory to need external storage. The MachineDrum eventually ran out of room to store sequences and data…? I could see why Mutable might come up with a poly synth that has separate mono voice outputs (stacked filter cards), but I’m hoping they’re for something more obvious like the need to mix different instruments separately. Separate voice outputs are a nice to have on a poly synth. They’re a must have on a decent drum machine.

  • A rompler kind of synth with the possibility to play long samples, like several minutes, from the SD card is my guess. :-)

  • Lol! You must be a regular on gearslutz :)

    Hardware these days has to offer something I can’t have from a computer. Often that is some analog component, but it can also be a physical interface (e.g. octatrack). I want a sampler with knobs all over it and (interchangeable) analog filters dammit! Does that exist? I think not. Some of the drum-related thingies (MPC) get close in the interface department but they fall short when it comes to doing really interesting looping/scrubbing/etc. Stuff like a Kurzweil K2000 does a lot of cool things but through a shit interface (menu, jogwheel, etc). Of course neither of them have an analog filter attached. I don’t expect Oliver’s initial design to have enough knobs for me but I know Frank will fix that :)

    I like weird music so that’s probably why instruments that seem cool to me don’t exist.

  • I would know more tomorrow may be.
    Good night

    450 x 600 - 117K
  • Whatever it is, I want it!

  • a midipal made with discrete components? A real duophonic Shruthi? I want one.

  • What if those aren’t outputs? How about some kinda crazy mixing device that mixes and modulates and fx…. Or maybe it is a kind of mellotron. Maybe the SD stores code? (probably not, but what do I know.)

  • Not sure, but it does appear that pichenettes has some help in the form of tiny genius mice. Look closely you will see one of them checking over a book of notes.

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  • They have genius mice?

  • Apparently… Although I might be mistaken. It might just be a case screw and a trimmer screw-head but I don’t know, it’s difficult to tell.

  • What do you think “pt 1” refers to?

    Part one? Part one of what?

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