For those of you with more than one Shruthi
  • Do you polychain them or mostly use them as separate synths? I have two, currently hooked to a Roland A37 controller, which has two MIDI outs. Each Shruthi can be assigned to the entire keyboard, or split, one on the top half and one on the bottom half. I can also layer them, some really cool sounds doing that.

    I'm starting to run out of ports on my MIDI patchbay 'though, but I do have a second MIDI patchbay I could use. I'm not overly smart unfortunately, and trying to figure out how to effectively use two MIDI patchbays is taxing me a bit.
  • I have several, but they all have different filters, so polychaining doesn’t really make sense. Besides, I have several polysynths, so Shruthi polyphony doesn’t really interest me all that much, to be honest.


  • I tried to polychain them, but since they are a bit different in sound, I’m usually using them separately. I have 2 outs on my keyboard controller and a 4 in and 4 out midi interface from ESI (which works like a charm), which is really handy when you need to have lots of stuff plugged in at the same time.

  • I have four and some extra filters… I built four of the SMR-4s so I could polychain them with four-note polyphony and it was cool! But it is a bit of a pain to set up and I have been using them separately ever since. One ended up in a programmer… It’s a very flexible system. Mix, match, chain…. Whatever you want.

  • You can just plug the shruthis in series if you want to use more polychaining or stuff, without having to use a midi patchbay.

    Polychaining does sound good if you use several 4-poles LP filters, just as one SMR, a SSM and a CEM filter, but you might want to tune them together (not always easy). To me, it even adds some flavour and randomness mixing several types of filter in a polychain, which is good.

    edit : but i mostly use my shruthis separately, yes.

  • Thanks for all of the insight so far, I’ll really appreciate your thoughts on this. Titus, I didn’t realize you had so many of these things! MicMicMan, I had considered chaining because I’m running out of inputs on the patchbay. With two keyboard synths, firewire interface, iPad and Alesis IO Dock, the controller, a MIDIPal, the A37 and two Shruthis (what is the plural of Shruthi anyways), and I really hate diving behind stuff to move cables around, I am running out of room. Oh, and the patchbay (Yamaha MJC8 from eBay) had two bad inputs when I got it. The seller, of course, didn’t know anything about that. Oh well.


  • Currently I have 2, but I will be building a 3-voice SMR-4 MKII polysynth with a cistom enclosure. I plan on hardwiring the MIDI to each shruthi with a switch in between to toggle between mono & poly. Gonna have some other bells & whistles too. Prolly take all summer to complete.

    The 2 I have now is 1 SMR-4 & IR3109. I do polychain them an they sound pretty kickass. It’s sweeping the filter that can sound a bit off. The IR 3109 self oscillates a lot quicker (and better IMHO). I have them hooked up in series so it’s easy to change from poly to mono. I currently only have 1 MIDI IN/OUT on my audio interface, so I have all my synths chained in series. It works out ok. Also I use the Alesis idock for the MIDIpal and connect everything with MIDIOX. Works out pretty well.

  • @piscione – that’s exactly why I didn’t immediately jump on a 4PM. I am sort of…overstocked as it were.

  • Titus, you might be a candidate for a recovery program some day!

  • You got that right…

    Honestly, it was the allure of polyphony that sent me over the edge. Once I had two (different) shruthis playing together, I had to find out what a chord sounded like with four similar-sounding voices. I’m glad I did it, but it sort of created a glut over here…

  • Here’s a thing you can try, which I think sounds angelic or something with the right material.. like strings perhaps.

    Use two shruthis, for left and right channel, and set them up to filter external audio. Use a slow lfo to modulate the cutoff and let it run freely so both shruthis are out of phase. Then add some pingpong delay… mmm sweet. :-)

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