A new track (4MP & SMR4 1st gen)
  • Shruthi 5

    Just shruthis and a sampled DMX.

  • This is really nice. One of my favourite bits of Shruthi music I’ve heard. Reminds me a bit of some of the tracks from “Welcome” by Dave Monolith that I’ve been listening to almost obsessively recently (an example)

  • Yeah !! Tks a lot !!

  • I like this a lot as well – lots of dense textures without being overpowering.

    Lovely! :-)


  • Tks yewtreemagic I’m touched because I’m kind of very musically talkative !!!

  • I like this track. Reminds me some electronic tele music library albums, Arpadys style, as well as Benoit Hutin and J.S Regottaz.

  • as I wrote on soundcloud: great track you have that French elecro sound I like so much!

  • Thks folks, I’m going to blush !