4PM with ears and lights
  • I couldn’t resist adding some colour-changing LEDs to the 4PM. Since the last two LEDs on the panel are nearly always on, and the eyes on the front, at least for me, are also always on, I did this silly thing (just click on the video, it’s the first one):

    Ooh look at the colours

    In real life, the colours are a bit more intense and better focused. I also added a pair of ears, faders for input and output volume. I’m not sure I’m happy with the two ALPS faders ‘though, they are 10K audio taper but the volume is full at the half-way point.


  • Link doesn’t work :)

  • Works now, forgot that it was originally private. Sorry.

  • So cool Randy… How do you change them? Do you have it set to something musical or are you turning a pot or something somewhere?

    When the wolf eyes go orange, it looks like the evil pumplin!

    Great job man!

  • I thought it looked like a pumpkin too! It’s not quite so odd-looking in real life. The LEDs change by themselves, like these:


    I should’ve bought 3mm instead of 5mm but a bit of countersinking behind the wolf remedied that. I just used CA glue to install them, and took power from one of the regulators, along with some added resistors.

  • I’m an idiot. I didn’t even know they made those!