Power supply for the MIDIpal
  • Dear friends,
    can you help me with DC adapter for MIDIpal?

    What voltage, and how much mA it has to be?

  • 100mA or more. 5 to 9V. Above 9V the regulator gets too hot.

  • Thank You, pichenettes!

    As I understand, the same adapter needed for the Shruthi-1?
  • The specs are a bit different.

    Shruthi-1: min 7.5V, max 15V (regulators can get a bit warmer), 150mA in theory (so 300mA+ required)
    MIDIpal: min 5V (can get as low as 4.5V), max 9V (regulator don’t handle heat very well), 80mA in theory (so 150mA required)

  • If you run a midipal at 9v will that be pushing it, or within tolerances?
  • 9V is fine.

  • I personally recycled an ‘old’ cellphone DC adapter for powering my midipal. It provides around 5v, which is perfect for this. You just have to replace the connector.

  • Could anybody please tell what are the dimensions (inner and outter diameter, i.e. 2,1 x 5,5 mm) of required DC plug? I’m expecting MIDIpal in a few days and want to recycle old cellphone adapter too. Btw, is there any limit of mA? Would 350 mA be still fine? Thanks in advance!

  • The mA rating indicates the maximum amount the power supply can deliver. The MIDIpal needs about 120mA, so any mA rating above that is fine. Here is a drawing of the connector used for the MIDIpal (163-7620 -E). 2.1 x 5.5mm tip will work fine.

  • Beware of the polarity though, don’t do the mod without a multimeter. The midipal is center positive. Otherwise, you’ll fry it.

  • Thanks guys, that’s precisely what I was asking for ;-)

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