4Pole Mission : 8 Leds for pages near the semi-opaque plexiglas case ?
  • Hello

    For 4 Pole Mission kit, you say in build instruction for the digital control board :
    The 8x 220R resistors on top of the control board set up the brightness of the LEDs. While 220R is fine for standard green/red/yellow LEDs, this is a bit too low for the bright white LEDs that come with the kit – even filtered through the semi-opaque case! We suggest instead a value in the 560R to 2.2k range. The BOM is specifying 1k and this is what we have used in our builds.

    I also have to solder the leds near the top of the case ?
    Or near the pcb like the “normal” control board whith clear enclosure is ok ?

    For my first Shruti whith Dark Blue Translucent enclosure, LEDs are not visible enough if solder near pcb :0(

  • With the white LEDs that come with the kit and 1k resistors, the LEDs can be left near the PCB – they are very bright and will shine through the case.

  • Mine are next to the board and the case is illuminated. I think they are supposed to be like lights in a snowstorm :)

  • Excuse me for my bad english but
    can’t be left near the PCB : i can solder like that and it’s ok ?

  • I think that’s was meant to say “can” not “can’t”. We all type the opposite by mistake :)

  • yes I also think it is a mistake :0)
    It’s ok for the snowstorm !
    Thank you all

  • Obviously the closer to the case the smaller the glow circle will be. So it’s up to you how it looks.

  • Yes that’s right
    Yours is easy to recognize the pages?
    Maybe I should try before soldering leds …

  • If you solder them high you can always drop them down and cut off the legs after.

  • Make sure the legs don’t touch anything on the board below though.

  • Yes , existing something like that : entretoises pour leds ..leds spacers?..

  • sorry for the mistake, yes you can leave them close to the PCB that’s what I did on the assembled units.

  • No problems thank you !