unit to sell !
  • hi all,
    for forum's members, i sell a shruhti-1 (complet unit):
    -control board (V0.5) with V0.91 firmware.
    -soundboard SSM 2044 (V0.1), perfectly tuned. (Will become collector,will soon not be produced anymore)

    The unit is perfectly assembled, soldered and fully fonctionnal, you only need a 9V power supply according to your country.
    the case is brand new, with absolutly no scratch as does the LCD screen.

    Will be on E-bay next week but for you and for now, it's here for a week and the price is 300€ including international shipping,
    The unit is actually in France so pricing with local shipping is only 285€ / 270€ if we can meet. PayPal only !

    Don't hesitate to ask any question.