• Thinking back on how she met up with Moroder and brought some true innovation to music as we know it today. Just by chance I listened to I Feel Love not too long ago and thought to myself: “This sounds modern even in this day and age”!


  • “I feel love” is a major track indeed. So huge. So ahead of its time in so many different ways…

  • I was in a disco showband in the 80s, played all sorts of Donna Summer songs. I think I appreciate them more now than I did back then.

  • And I remember also State of Independence. Little did I know it was from Vangelis, one hero of mine. R.I.P. Donna
  • I saw the Chili Peppers dick around with “I Feel Love” live and it was truly a WTF moment, both because of the awesomeness of being caught off guard hearing that kickass song live in a big arena and also because of Flea’s amazing work on the bassline .

  • Jesus Jones mixed it into one of theirs songs when playing live too.

  • R.I.P. Donna

    Don`t want to derail, but the Chili Peppers Cover made me remember another nice Moroder Cover .( Not related to Donna Summer though)

  • Not derailing. Blondie and I Feel Love... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wh6heXgvek

    Debbie is good, I still like Blondie a lot. Even in this version.
  • RHCP, one hot minute…. if i imagine what they could have done if they had stuck to Dave Navarro…
    off topic sorry, but i don’t know anything but the name of Donna Summer (rip)

  • Donna summer, gloria Gaynor, Sivester, I think icons of the 80's club music.
    I've recovered also "last night a dj saved my life" from Indeep. I like it a lot and I play it during saturday's evening disco at home with my kids.
    Things change.

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