Problems with standard case .svg
  • So I downloaded the standard_case.svg file from the github repo, and it won't open or display in anything. Anyone else have this problem?

    Thanks for your help!
  • Which vector graphics program do you have on your computer? I can view the file in web browser, and open it in inkscape.

  • I tried with inkscape, messed about with versions, x11, etc, and still nothing. Tried firefox. Nothing. Tried Adobe Illustrator. No go. Downloaded the file again, and it still wouldn't work.
  • Try to download the entire shruthi package from github, you can find the svg file inside it. Should work this way.

  • Sometimes you see a file link and you right click then save only for the link to be to a html page listing revision info etc.

    You may have an SVG that is just text.

  • Got it working. Thanks everyone!

    It worked after I downloaded the entire package.