• I have no idea how to add myself to the map!

  • Rumpelfilter is swiming !! in the atlantic ocean.

    Piscione, for my placement, i sign in my google account.
    I don't know if it's that
  • @piscione

    First of all, login to your Google/Gmail account.

    Then click Edit (red button). Three icons must appear on the upper left corner of the map. The first one is a hand, the second one is a blue marker and the third one is a blue crooked line.

    Just click the second one and insert the place marker wherever you live. Then, you’ll be able to edit the header and the text of it.

    By now, we have written our nicknames on the header, and the list of our Mutable Instruments’ gear on the text body.

  • Rumplefilter is swimming towards King Neptune. I heard they’re starting a glitchhop band featuring only Mutable Instruments.

  • haiunparaiso, thanks for the idiot-proof instructions, perfect! I can’t possibly have the only Shruthis in Canada? Where are the rest of the Canadians? Oh, and who lives in the middle of the Atlantic?

  • Juste relocated rumpelfilter – i feel like a bounty hunter….

  • Second person in the UK. Surely there are more than just two Mutaphiles on this island?


  • I was trying to get to antartica… need to shoot a video for the 4-PM

  • The King Neptune / Rumplefilter jam has been cancelled due to bounty hunting in the Atlantic.

  • Bears lost in tundra…

  • I'm in the mutable family...Today is arrived my 4pole shruti-1 edition kit.... :D ...I'm also member of tha facebook page...
  • welcome!

  • Heh, a meeting in Russia...njet, spashiba:) We finns still do not like so much about Russia - they tried to come here so eagerly some 70 years ago. Didn't succeed:) Most finnish men still know only these words in russian: Stoi! Ruki ver! (Stop! Hands up! Sorry for bad translitterating)

    Naah. Only joking. Partly.
  • Times have changed, Istran.

  • Well, this really was humour, for the most part of it. But if you speak with those who were in that war (they still exist) - well, many of them are not laughing. I am seeing them nearly daily in my job, so I may be influenced by them more than 99% of finns. And politics, they do change - unfortunately back and forth.

    But I did not mean to offend you personally, sorry if that happened. Back to some happy stuff: A russian joke:

    Doctor: This medicine is for insomnia, this one is for nervous break-down, and also take this one for depression.
    Patient: Thank you very much, doctor, but do you have any other medicine besides vodka?
  • You know, as an American – arch enemy of the Soviet Union – I almost always get along with Russian people. I had one as a client once, and he and I had this great discussion that lasted all day long about socialism, marxism, communism, the soviet union, capitalism, what is good/bad about everything… it was so enjoyable. Such a refreshing perspective and approach, and he was a very smart man which didn’t hurt. I learned so much!

    Anyway, that was a great day in the annals of my dubious work history. Long live mother Russia. How do you say this in Russian?

  • How about:

    Да здравствует мать Россия

  • Boze moi!

  • i guess the germans have produced even more haters than the russians did… war is shit

  • Truer words were never spoken.

    It seems like America has been at war my entire life.

  • Istran, no problem neighbour! Rauha!
    Our common goal is to prevent the recurrence of this shit.

  • As I’m Italian (someone said Mussolini?) I have to agree with Schrab. Our role is to let that kind of nightmare no more. History has to teach us, we have to teach history to the ones that are coming.

  • We have the winner for the southern shruthi ever! Papernoise is playing is device in antartica… at least unless he gets eaten by some…thing.

  • No worry, he will run away by 4-pole penguin sledge!

  • Hey, I can't get the street wiev of Papernoise!

  • On the map. ;)

  • toadstool, you need a Loch Ness monster version :) Seen it lately?
  • :) – now that is a great idea Istran. You know, I look every time I go past. There is a great little place at the very top of Loch Ness called Dores which has a great little old Inn that serves amazing food and beer and with a nice walk along a pebble beach with views out over the loch. I’ve looked but have not seen the little BIG green monster ;-)

    There’s also a good music festival in the fields near by and I don’t think Nessie has ever made an appearance.

    Now you’ve got me thinking…. I’m going to have to go for some green plexiglass and and inverse green LCD and some kind of cool Nessie design.

  • Yes! Nesshruthi!

  • It's interesting to observe there are more people on this map than active users on this forum...

    Oh and I take pride for being France's both most southern and western Shruthizen :)
  • Istran; not all finnish hate russia. I hate typical western materialistic way of life much more so i have sympathy for anything from east. Asians, far east, russia etc. I resigned christian church right away when it was legally possible. Chose civil service instead of army etc.. practiced meditation and Qi Gong. I vote the left wing or greens every time.

    So right wingers probably call me a communist. :P
    I was even wearing CCCP t-shirt when russia played against finland at icehockey semifinals! And that had no any meaning, just a coincidence which i noticed afterwards. Happened because i just wear russia /DDR related clothes… main point of this post is that it is not good to generalize that this or that nation thinks this way or that way about the another. Nations are formed by individuals.

    It’s not good to list things that one hates all the time, it leaves negative impression about person. But there is one exception. I think it’s safe to say that i hate injustice. One common form of it is racism.
    IMHO those ppl. in finland who hate russians are very much same prejudiced ppl. who hate foreigners, especially immigrants.

  • I do not hate Russia. Soviet Union I did not like, at all. But, this could turn into an ugly and stupid war, so I do not say anything more. Except that (at least finnish) greens are so stupid that most of them should be hanged.
  • Gimme a break. How can someone so civilized that is into electronic music be so.. narrow minded? Sounds like something from the members of the “perussuomalaiset” party… (Perussuomalaiset is our own nationalist hillbilly party. Populistic immigrant haters.).

    BTW. I guess that politics is not welcomed topic here.

  • I hope that politics could be kept out of the equation. That, and organized religion…

    The greens (in Sweden at least) are a bunch of gullible goody two-shoes, IDK about their Finnish counterparts, but their detractors aren’t without their own flaws (like racism, dealing with or defending dictatorships, putting money before people, introducing poorly conceived and overbearing legislation and what have you)...

    Like all utopists, they lack the common sense to avoid preaching to all others that theirs is the only way to live. Most yucky politicians do.

    End rant. Keep clear of politics as the idiots will drag you down to their level and beat you with their infinite experience!

  • no, not hanged! politicians in general could be “encouraged” to eventually do something good, like…. building a modular for me? or less selfish: buying and building some Shruthi kits for foster children :)
    that’s all i have to say about politicians or those who seem to need them.

  • Gentlemen, I think you are venturing into pointless discussions which have no reasons to happen on this forum, and which are contrary to its spirit.

  • @rosch: Good on you mate! I didn’t think it was possible to use “politicians” and “do something good” in the same sentence, but you did it! Hats off to you and some very creative writing :)

  • Yes, a big plus for rosch! :)

    And now to soldering. Literally. As soon as ESC semifinals have ended:)
  • @ Jojjelito about Rosch’s: “..that’s all i have to say about politicians or those who seem to need them.” – I would have used word “diplomatists” instead.. but i think everybody got the point.

    @ Istran: ESC? :P

  • dr3tri, do not make me feel ashamed to be a finn...
  • Funny, we have something in common. I was planning to say exactly same words to you because of your earlier comments, but you went ahead of me mr;

    “We finns still do not like so much about Russia – they tried to come here so eagerly some 70 years ago. Didn’t succeed:) Most finnish men still know only these words in russian: Stoi! Ruki ver! (Stop! Hands up!”


    “Except that (at least finnish) greens are so stupid that most of them should be hanged.”

  • Guys, consider keeping your lovefest private. Like, get a room!

    Or go play with the Google Doodle celebrating Dr Moog. It can record up to 4 tracks. Should be enough to crank out something productive :)

  • That Google Doodle is so cool. Make love, not war. Make music, not politics :)

  • Make tea. Not love! Monty Python™

  • And to think I got an infraction for even mentioning Mitt Romney!

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