Looking for a polivoks PCB/kit/assembled board
  • Hi guys,

    As I'm currently building a Shruthi XT wasp edition I will need to include a polivoks filter in it at some point

    Since no PCB are sold separately from the digital board and I don't know when i'll embark on a second kit I would be interested if someone had a spare PCB or, even better, a ready to use Filterboard to trade.

    This is just lazy me trying to avoid the hassle of etching a PCB myself but hey, who knows, maybe one of you can help...

  • Etching your own board?

    The Polivoks boards are still available. You have to buy the digital and filter boards together but it would still workout cheaper than having just a Polivoks filter board made.

    You can sell the digital board if you don’t want it. But having digital boards is always required when you buy another filter board.

  • hold onto the digital board. You may find yourself wanting another shruhti. I had one laying around for a couple of months, then I got the IR3109 board before they were gone. Glad I had that digital board laying around.

  • if you buy the couple , i will take the digiboard…

  • I was expecting that kind of answer...yeah I guess It's always an option...

    I'm in no hurry tho, - my 1 filter setup is not working yet (but should be in a couple of days hopefully) and I want to get my hands on it first...but meanwhile i'll wait for potential offers : there might be someone in this Shruthiverse with a Polivoks Board and not much use for it... :)
  • same as flo. i also have more filter boards than digital ones atm.
    but from my experience even when i thought i don’t need this or this version, i was wrong.

  • Ok that's good to know...

    BTW, in case someone finds out about this thread in a few months and meanwhile no "subscribe" function has been implemented, here's my address if you want to reach me : thomas.prudhomme(at)yahoo.fr

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