HARDSID4u With 4 sids on ebay
  • http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=170914130724
  • hmm the Atari…
    tell me more about it!

  • Strewth – that takes me back! I used to work for Atari when their 800XL was king :-)

  • Not much to say about the atari. I used it to play SAP files though.. the sio2pc cable loads disk images on the PC for some sweet POKEY sound chip music.... Otherwise its a stock 800xl.
  • Sale pending on the 800xl. Id be intersted in trading for Mutable gear like a 4pm or a assembled Midipal just to keep it on topic.
  • sorry I totally forgot about this. I was interested in the 800XL but I’ll skip this time. I’d prefer an Atari XT, so I could run some midi sequencer on it.

  • Its about to sale but ill just point out:

  • yep, I know… but I already have stuff I don’t use catching dust (like the c64) and I’m afraid it would end up suffering from the same fate.

  • I feel your pain :D
  • Atari Sold Added Nanoloop carts.
  • Nanoloop 1.3 sold.
  • Nanoloops sold! Adding numerology!