• I just got this in the mail. I believe this is my first “kit” that is not music related. Pretty excited to get this built!

    A lot of the talk here is centered around musically related kits and builds in and out of the shruthiverse™. I was curious what some other people are building here. Are you into anything that is in a “kit” or pcb only form? Do you build other devices to help tame the soldering addiction (as I am doing with this clock.) If so, what are you building? Share photos/links/thoughts, please!

  • That thing looks awesome and I know just where I’d put one of those…

    Please stop spending my money!

  • LightpackUSB ambilight project.
    it’s great!! just look at demo

  • There will definitely be some Nixie-based stuff around here. First up is the Plasma VU Meter by Marc Bareille. I’ll be making 4, but those are for musical purposes. Hmm?

    Edit: There’s the home theater of course, the summer house construction and other bricolage

  • I haven’t really built anything non-music related from kit but I’ve certainly done plenty of technical things. My house has a lot of z-wave home automation for security and convenience.

    I also build bicycles and have built numerous sets of wheels. I’ve got about 7 bikes at the moment.

    This is my “big” bike, great for carrying shopping and parcels. This is an old photo, it has changed a little since then, I added dynamo hub lighting and a Rohloff hub.

  • Not musical or electronic at all, also not from a kit. Completely scratch built from raw materials.
    A carcass saw, for making furniture joinery.

    I found that when one is unemployed, there is a lot of time to build things. Even hand tools.
    I’m working again, so I don’t have time to make tools anymore (enough time for soldering though…)

  • @Fresh Pants – That’s beautiful!

  • Thanks. It even cuts wood too!

  • @ shrab: I’ve been thinking about building that for some time. My job is to go to jobsites and program the lighting. Usually just commons area’s. Sometimes RGB LED. I have a ton of stuff in my house for controlling lighting via buildings automations, internet, etc. I have a couple of our relay panels that I want to wire into the house and connect it to the computer so I can turn lights on & off remotely. A friend of mine has done all of this. His whole house is wired up to be controlled remotely. He’s even soldered a relay to his computer to turn it on & off from remotely. Some day…

    @ 6581: Our guitarist is into building bikes. That bug hasn’t bit me…yet.

    @ Fresh Pants: Thats great! I’ve been thinking about getting into some small woodworking. I want to build some nice wood panels with some exotic wood for my Moog Minitaur.

    The Ice Tube Clock build is coming along. Soldering up that tube had to of been one of the hardest things I’ve had to do in a DIY kit. Getting every wire through the hole was a headache. Seriously, I have a headache now.

    This is all very cool! I’m hoping to pick up some inspiration here. Keep ‘em coming!

  • @qp Building bikes is more about getting exactly what you want rather than some off the shelf bike that is built to a cost.

  • @6581, yeah, I totally get it, but ATM, I’d rather devote my money to synths (for the most part). Plus, in the middle of building the Ice Tube Clock, I found out I may be a dad, again! So, even less money now.

    Speakin ‘o which, it’s done and looks fabulous! I wish it made sounds haha!

  • @qp: is there a spare serial port on the MCU to make it output MIDI? With a bit of firmware hack magic you could hook it to the Shruthi and make it play the westminster chimes with a fat bass sound…

  • I was thinking “that’s a small pinball machine” for a second there :)

  • @pichenettes: hey, theres a thought! And since it’s vacuum tube, it will totally fatten and warm up that “Shruthisound™”. Or use it as a Clock Divider.

    @6581, haha, totally!

  • @qp – It’s beautiful!

  • @qp – What are you using the pots for in the front of each case?

  • @ qp: how did you make it to matrixsynth that fast with this ?

  • haha! wow, didn’t notice that. Awesome!!

    @titus: Don’t look Marion! Whatever you do, don’t open your eyes!

    The pots are for input & output volumes. It’s almost nescissary to have one on the output of an SMR4. They run hot. And I found its 100% nescissary on the input, if you use it (and with a IR3109 board, ya better believe I’m using it!)

  • I have pots that I bought especially for this but I have been too lazy to drill the cases etc. I’m going to do it now.

  • Titus and others, i’m highly recomend this tool for making holes in ABS/Acrylic/Dubond. (It quite soft for silumin but ok for 2mm aluminium)
    All holes in this enclosure are made with it.

  • @schrab: Now THAT’s a fine idea for holes – far cheaper than those stepped drill bits like this:

    Just tracked down a UK supplier of schrab’s device for just £4.82 here

    And here’s a pic:


  • Usually i use something like this:

  • Very handy. I need to to the opposite for something else I’m doing. Cut a disc of plastic. I was thinking of heating up a socket from a socket set and pushing it into the material to melt out a disc.

    Anyone got any other ideas? it saves drilling lots of holes around a circle and filing it into shape.

  • @fcd72: Now that’s just showing off frank! ;-)


  • @6581punk: If you can accept a hole in the middle something like this would do the job:


  • I must admit, exactly this is not for everybody: its 1,2m wide and can’t be disassembled so its a Problem of the Door Size…. I’m looking forward to the Extension of my house to host this Beast…. My current machines are a bit smaller.

  • hey because you are speaking on volume knobs: i have here 10 k pots, and loved to mount them. But they have three pins... Sorry for dumb question but can someone explain hah to rely them on the shruthi???? thanks
  • Da, da, da, da, derailed! Did this topic get exhausted already? Sure was hoping for some more related posts. Oh well.

    @flo, wire the 10k pin for pin (3) at the shruthi output where the jumper would go (just to the right of the output)

  • @yewtreemagic I can’t have a hole, there’s the problem :)

    It’s a piece of clear plastic to put in front of an LED reflector to seal it. So no point if there’s a hole in it :)

  • @6581punk: Diameter and colour of reflector?

    ( I think it more likely you’ll find a ready-made solution if you use some lateral thinking ;-))


  • I’m following this guide. Upgrading the LED and reflector in bike lights.


  • Something like these acrylic disks should do the job:

    1/8” thick and available in diameters from 0.5” to 3”

    The secret is to Google “clear acrylic circles”


  • if 3mm is ok you can have them any diameter you want (up to 210mm)

  • Anyone ever built one of those nixie tube clocks? They look really cool and I would appreciate any leads on the best kit(s).

  • I found a guy in Germany (I see a pattern there!) who sells nixie clocks in nice plexi cases who can also be slaved to the standard German time broadcast (DCF-77) or a GPS clock. He also had thermometers and SPL meters for sale.
    But, there are far more options stateside! I just wanted to avoid any VAT or customs issues this time around. Some ppl won’t even ship nixie stuff to Europe.

    Somewhat related: I bought me some tubes for Marc Bareille’s plasma VU meter and now I’m penciling an enclosure.

  • Day dreaming takes me here. UK based though. Loads of info as well as kits and ready made nixie clocks for sale.

  • Yes I found these places as well. It’s just difficult to determine where the best value is, who makes the best kit/design etc. I was hoping some of you have made them and could provide an endorsement.

  • I think I’m going to build a Sven. They look BAD ASS.

    Too bad some of the SMT work is already done, but it’s not like that part is fun anyway… :-\

  • the Nixie stuff is very cool lookiing, but man, it’s pricey. $235 is a bit more than I think I could shell out for a clock. I would love to have one of those though.

  • @schrab, I had a couple of questions for that Ambilight board you have. I’ve been doing some looking around, and it seems for good quality, the lightpack is the way to go. It looks like currently it is out of stock at the moment. What I was wondering is how is it driven? Does it have to be connected to a computer? Also, can multiple unites be chained together? I’d like to get one for my TV, but it’s not connected to a computer and it’s a “60 so I’d need a lot of leds. Whats the cost for one. It’s kinda hard to find detailed info on them.

  • It is expensive, but I’m looking at it as a work of art, the only thing outside of my studio that says hey, a builder lives here. You know?

    After shopping around, this was on the relatively inexpensive side. The UK guy’s kits are like $500+.

    Anyway, I’m going to do it. Fuck it.

  • awesome mang! Can’t wait to see pixnexttoshruthi®

    And really cool that Ice Tube got yer creative juices flowin!

  • It did. And I blame you!

  • haha, I’ll take the blame, just don’t send me the bill.

  • @qp
    >>>What I was wondering is how is it driven? Does it have to be connected to a computer?
    it’s multiplatform usb/software thing. You have 10 areas on you screen linked with physical leds. You can define it’s sizes (from 1x1px to fullscreen) and positions. Driver sends average сolor info from this areas to leds.
    Also backlight function, moodlamp and audio analyzer plugin.

    >>>Also, can multiple unites be chained together?

    >>>I’d like to get one for my TV, but it’s not connected to a computer and it’s a “60 so I’d need a lot of leds. Whats the cost for one. It’s kinda hard to find detailed info on them.
    It will not work with standalone TV. You can connect let stripes for big monitors/tv’s. Assembled unit is about $100 but demand is high “so out of stock” most of time.

  • How cool is this?

    LIke for a steampunk VU meter? Or just install a mic and let it throb from ambient room noise or whatever music is playing…

    Some of the old-school electronics just can’t be beat IMO.

    P.S. These things are actually miniature cathode ray tubes. I had never heard of them until a couple of days ago. Anyone old enough to remember fancy radios would recognize them. Apparently they were provided as a visual queue to help tune in radio stations.

    I’m old enough that I have vague recollection of something that had a cylindrical gauge that had two green parts that came together to make a solid green box when something was achieved… I just can’t recall what it was or where I saw/used it. It was tiny though… like a centimeter or so… Maybe it was my grandfather’s old radio?

  • Sort of back on track, lots of other interests (too many really). I recently bought a DSLR, a Nikon D7000, and got back into photography, this shot is going to be the cover of a friend’s CD being released soon:

    Also been into motorcycling for many years (1970 was the start), rode trials for awhile (the Europeans might know what that is more than the Americans), and now have a heavily leaned on one of these:

    Was into model railroading in a big way, and I’m into slot car racing as well. Here are some shots of the track and some of my custom-decorated cars:

  • I have been taking pictures for a decade (digital since 2007, most of my work pre 2005 is in big Ilford boxes at home – used to be very DIY about it!), put it on hold when I started working on the Shruthi. Will get back to it eventually.

  • I’ve seen some of your photos pichenettes. They’re awesome!

    I think the magic eye in my distant memory looked something like this. I think they were once commonplace and I just forgot about them…

  • Most of what I solder is music-related, but there are some notable exceptions:

    Built a cube of adafruit Game of Life kits to learn soldering: http://www.adafruit.com/products/89
    Built a Solder:Time watch mostly just to pass time one evening: http://www.sparkfun.com/products/10751
    Working on a Techzone RepRap Mendel, although it’s a big and complex project (largely because of the poor build documentation): http://techzonecom.com/detail.php?pr_id=25
    Got a couple of random kits I bought from Maplin (a UK high-street electronics shop) that I’ve yet to built. A light-sensing robot and something that’s supposed to simulate the sound of a steam train.

    On top of that, I’ve built a lot of IKEA furniture in my time, and I’ve written a lot of software over the years.

  • Hey! Nixie Clock in the house!

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