• This is how i understand this: (as always this is only my noobish opinion) When it is done by induction, the power is transmitted by a magnetic field which induces a current into a coil in the base of the chess nixies. If you put a ring of conductive material into the magnetic field, a current gets induced and the ring gets hot. It probably depends on how it is done exactly, if it is save. This is the same way a electric toothbruth charges (which is save i guess). i imagine to get the right current for the nixies much more power is needet. And the induction thing is much more intense. If you have seen, how the getter in a tube is activated, you can imagine how hot you can get things this way…

  • Édit: without putting something conductive near the thing it is very save, i guess.

  • The magnets in my Ipad cover didn’t heat up all that much when held a few centimeters above the induction hob. It would be a very different thing if I let it lay directly on top of the glass…

  • Now that I think about it, well, check me on this:

    Transformers work the same way right? Two coils that are not physically connected. The electrical current in one generates magnetic waves that interact with the magnetic waves of the other coil. Depending upon the number of winds and how the coils are designed, a coil of smaller voltage can induce much higher voltage in a nearby coil with more winds. Am I on track so far?

    So each nixie piece must have a very densely wound coil to be able to produce the required 180V from the induction. The coil under the board is probably much weaker, but physically large to encompass the entire board. What is transmitted between them, if I am on the right track, is therefore magnetic waves. And nothing happens until another coil is brought within “cutting” distance of the coil under the board.

    It sounds like the potential for shocks would come from the wiring inside the nixie chess piece or inside the components under the board, not from the space in between the two separate coil sources.

    How did I do?

  • For those of you who liked that nixie induction chess board, he is selling kits here.

    This thing:

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