gorf, midibox gm 5X5X5 semi builded.
  • hi!
    i have here semi builded pcb of gorf and midibox gm5x5x5 that i will not finish.
    ( i lack some part, and don't have the time to source them, and finally not the need for them. bought them when i was jobless for occupation, but now my free time is rare, ...)

    I think the job done on them is good, but can't certify it. So if they interest you, and your name is familiar to me and to this forum, (i read this forum for a long time now) this is what i think: i send the unit to you, you payed just the postage, once it's completed and functionnal, you payed me the money. You have to be quick on it.....

    i Will definitely be interested by sids chips....

    open to offers...
  • gorf is great. i`d take it if i would not already have one…

  • Which Gorf it is, V1 or V2 ?
  • v2...
  • the v1 can run the v2 firmware anyways.
    also there will be an update with “Gate Length” for each step.
    the guy twittered about it here

  • you should not have problems getting rid of the GM5x5x5, there are always people asking over at midibox.
    if not, why not (if the GM5 chip is included)

  • hey rosh!
    the fact is that the gm5 is the first smd chip which i solder. Sort of training for the sammich fm. I don't know if i havenot overheated it, as the gm is not finish.....
  • Isn’t the GM5 is just an ATMega with some decent MIDI code in it? They are so hard to get hold of that at times I wish someone would do similar code.

  • The GM is indeed a ATMega with custom MIDI stuff on it, AFAIK they even get them preflashed from the factory (which is also the reason for the minimum order sizes etc).. :(

  • If you haven’t already, reg yourself over at MIDIbox and sign yourself up for the next batch of GM chips!

  • The best thing about midi box is the bewildering array of stuff that somehow fits together or is the same as or was part of or is included with or can be purchased with or requires or cannot be assembled without something I cannot seem to find or identify.

    Is there a midi box webiste for idiots manual?

    Look how simple the Mutable site is! Look how easy it is to find and to purchase! WTF?

  • Haha, no :) It requires studies. Don’t worry though, I can help with some specifics :)

  • haha nice way to put it Titus.
    but it’s not even half as complicated as it seems at first glance.
    actually it’s even a very simple modular concept. it requires a bit of reading though, that’s true. but that’s because you can do things exactly the way YOU want them to be.
    and as can be seen here too, you can provide the absolute idiot proof build docs (as Olivier does) but it won’t save you from mistakes, if you don’t read them. and i’m in no way talking just about others, actually referring to myself, here and midibox builds (they have excellent project documentation too, look in the WIKI)

  • I am interested in your gorf.... Please email me at Bengt at falke dot nu
  • The MidiBox way of simplifying things led me to think about the OctoPot…..

  • MIDIBox is confusing at first, but just read the site and it becomes clear.

    There’s only really two big choices of synth anyway. SID or FM. Everything else tends to be controllers or sequencers.

    Both the SID and FM modules just use a PIC core currently but the next SID version is likely to be a PIC doing the basics and the LPC ARM core doing more advanced things.

  • Yes, totally easy – but i felt my life is to short just to do a simple MIDI controller with a MIDIBox base . . . it seemed faster doing my own ;-)

  • hum.... midibox have great and simple things,: sammich fm and sids, midibox seq, mb 6582 or gm 5X5X5 are provided
    in a very simple way: not harder than a shruthi i think...
  • There’s some more difficult things. For example for the OPL board you need a bipolar 12v PSU. I built one and they’re not that hard but as I’ve seen on here people make mistakes and with power supplies it can be rather dodgy.

  • 6581punk, I also wonder about it. As for me – PSU is nost simple part of all projects.
    Hint: if you cannibalaize DVD player i’ll find very good impulse PSU with +/-12 and 5v. All you have to do is just replace 2 output caps with 10x larger values and connect +-12v bus via 10ohm resistors /ferrites.

  • i was very concerned about psus when i started, because you have to deal with HV. but looks like i’m building my psu blind now, out of the head, while i haven’t finished one damn synth in terms of finished case never to be opened again….

  • Thanks for the encouragement gang. I will go back and read some more and the post some specific questions for you all.

  • @schrab or @ a pity soul. Sorry if it is a little OT, I have opened a dvd player too, For making a PSu. I need a +9v and a -9v from a +12V and a-12V. I think I need two 7809, perhaps with heat diffuser (I hope you understand what I mean), but people tell me that I need also good electrolytics caps for filtering hum noise. I don't know how, any hints or better schematics. i think it'll be usefull to many people here. Thanks. Less noise the better.
  • Zetam, you’ll need 7909+7809. Large filtering caps usually used after transformer and bridge rectifier, in you case +/-12v are pretty stabilized. For shure use 25V 1000uF caps before regulators.

  • thanks for continously bump my thread!!

  • a few more bumps and i`ll decide to build a 2nd gorf :)
    is it still there?
    does it come with preloaded microprocessor?

  • yeah! it’s not finished but come with the loaded proces!!

  • hmmm tempting.

  • if this was a tron, i would have been all over it! plus my projects queue is too full right now!

  • I have a nicely built Tron lying around here, have not really used it so far. You can have it for parts+shipping cost I paid back then if you want. It’s better if someone actually uses it, it’s just collecting dust here ;)

  • gorf sold!

    gm5 for someone??

  • Thank schrab. So no filtering after 7x09. Easyer than I thought.
    What do you think about heat diffuser? I guess I need a small one or nothin at all.
  • Details about the GM5 please. I don’t think I can afford it anyway but if it’s still available by the end of the month I might be up for it.

  • Marco, it depends of current. Just leave the space for it. And one thing to know – never use common heatsink for 79x and 78x – they have different pinout.

  • @schrab. Oh thank you man. Last night a dj saved my life...

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