Used Assembled Shruthi-1 for sale?
  • Urrah!!!
    I am the first to post in the new category!

    So, I am decided, I will probably buy a Minibrute later, I will maybe buy a Mopho much later, and I may eventually collect other synths if I find them cheap or if I win the lottery.
    But I surely want to have a Shruthi-1, as soon as possible.
    So, while I wait that new assembled ones appears again in the shop, I wonder if somebody here has got a used assembled one of any type, which he does not need anymore and which he (or she) is willing to give at a good price.

  • I have two Shruthi-1's (SMR4 and IR3109)... Since I mostly use IR3109, I may be willing to let the one with SMR4 go... what kind of $$$ are you willing to spend?
  • Mint SMR4 for sale 260€, location Finland)
  • @ Heikki: thank you for the offer but I was thinking about a used one for less than that.

    @ kvitekp: thank you I answered you with a whisper. Please confirm me that you received the message :)

    Games are open so I still listen.
    Also interested in different versions of the shruthi eventually.

    But thanks very much for the help!
  • A used Shruthi is a Shruthi that has been built. A new Shruthi is nearly always a kit. So a built one, new or not tends to have a small premium on it, more so still if it’s been put together by a reputable builder (And more again if it has one of the less common filter options)

    €260 seems reasonable. I’ve seen them go for more than that before.. I think you’d be lucky to find one for much less.. So good luck ;)

  • I thought so too, good price! That’s not much more than the kit.

  • Oh, I am sorry, maybe I gave a wrong impression, but I was not underestimating Heikki's work.
    I just am on ebay since two weeks looking for used things because I would never be able to buy all what I need if I buy it new, so I had in my mind the scheme of buying things that people do not want anymore, for less than the original price, choosing the offer with the best price.

    But if I place myself in the point of view of a community like this, I am able to see your point.
    So I want to apologize. I care about not giving the impression that I was treating this community without the right respect.

  • Don’t worry about it, I doubt that anyone took offense at your comment. Most of us have assembled at least one Shruthi and it is an interesting (but fun most of the time) experience. Now that I’m out of work, I’ve been financing one hobby by getting rid of some of the things I have collected from another hobby. Some time ago, I was big into model railroading and collected lots of stuff that I’m not really using now, so I sold some of it to finance my Shruthi purchase. I’m also selling more bits to finance an iPad 2 and an Alesis IO Dock, and next on the list is a Mopho Keys. It’s just going to take some time. I haven’t even begun to actually use the Shruthi, start making new sounds and that sort of thing, so having to wait for new stuff is not a bad thing.

  • piscione - im looking to offload an iodock cheap, trade?
  • Hey, there is no problem really! So no need for apology I think :)
    There is no real set price for these things.. Plus it’s made a little more difficult still when they are often built by someone you don’t know, so you don’t always have an idea how well it was made.
    You just have to go by averages, plus the convenience factor of a built one, over a kit.
    So all being well, €260 is about right for a standard, working one (In my humble opinion!)
    Im not saying you won’t find one for less. Only that it might involve some luck.

  • herrprof, tempting but I can’t part with a Shruthi yet, I’d sooner part with one of my kids! How much do you want for it, and whereabouts are you?

  • Piscione and Luap, thank you.
    I cannot know who is a reputable builder etc., but I had the impression that here I was among people who know what they do. So, YES, it was just as you said, a matter of "there are no fixed prices".
    I am here because of an offer of shruthi for sale that I found on internet, 209 euro. He had built many and he wanted to sell some at a good price to buy other things. Then I got confused about mk1 and mk2 so I let it pass and was gone.
    And yesterday I saw one third hand mkII for 220 VB (variable price, "we can talk about it".). But when I called it was sold out.

    So, I just thought that it was quite possible that somebody here had made many shruthi and wanted to give for a good price the one he uses less.

    Sometimes it does not depend on how much we value something, but on how much we can pay...

    Today I've let pass an auction for a mopho, less than 200 euro. I did it because I want the Shruthi.

    Ok, so, peace again and thanks for the support and the welcoming ;)
  • i’d even say 260€ is pretty damn cheap for a built one and everything’s working and looking good.
    it’s not as if there are loads of Shruthis on the “used” instruments markets.
    i’d say big chance for that price

  • Welcome to the new guy :D

    Anyways, if you have a soldering iron, and some fine (preferably lead free) solder in the house,
    you might as well order a kit & get cracking yourself ;)
    The community around here is good, the instructions on how to make the thing are the best I’ve seen so far,
    and there are lot’s of people hang around on the forums just waiting for someone to have a problem they can fix ^^

  • Thanks V'cent.
    That is my problem: I do not have anything to solder. I should buy soldering stuff, tester, etc.
    I can ask to somebody if he can lend me a soldering kit plus tester etc.
    The other problem is that it will take me probably a century to assemble a shruthi. I never soldered and I know nothing of electronics.
    I also am pretty scared, I saw a post saying "screwed up at the last moment". Well, people here can still help me, that is true.

    I wanted it soon, but I can wait eventually.

    Let's see how things go.
    Anybody living in Germany here?
  • yes several people are from germany, me for example

  • yeah i’m from germany. and many others too.
    and if i may say so, the best cheapest fastest and most joyful way to get one is in fact DIY !
    the Shruthi Kit and build instructions are really first class. if you just stick to the manual you’ll be fine. you can improve your soldering skills in advance with a bag of cheap resistors (100 Stck. 1,- € at pollins for example) and a scrap peace of perfboard. i was no soldering hero when i built my first one (and still am not haha) but it worked first try, i could not believe it.
    if you can borrow tools for an afternoon you’ll be fine. and if there’s problems you will find help here until they’re solved.
    do it! haha

  • @schrab – This thread now requires a solder hero pic.

  • And nobody lives in Muenster? :)
    That would be veeery nice.
    The probability that I will do it are very near to 100% if somebody of you lives in Muenster.
  • @Mr53rg10

    Here is a small and a capital “ü” “Ü” to copy and paste so you can spell your City right ;-)

    I’m from germany, three.

  • I am from Germany? Please?

  • approved, come in buddy

  • i have a nagging suspicion that us krauts are kind of overrepresented among the shruthi user base. hey, wasn’t there even a name for us? gesocs, i think it was. (which is only funny if you know german)

    i might eventually sell my cem shruthi. but i’m nowhere near münster. although i’m westphalian by birth. :)

  • If you want the data (orders since november):

    @python src/ json/*/*.json verbose | cut -f 3 | sort | uniq -c | sort -n -r | head -n 15@

    • 151 United States
    • 132 France
    • 93 Germany
    • 79 United Kingdom
    • 32 Netherlands
    • 26 Spain
    • 25 Canada
    • 24 Switzerland
    • 23 Sweden
    • 19 Italy
    • 15 Finland
    • 14 Australia
    • 11 Czech Republic
    • 10 Austria
    • 9 Ireland
  • Kinda odd that USA and UK together have nearly 10x orders canada and ireland do, Id have thought theyd be similar
  • The UK are roughly 10x more populous than Ireland. Same ratio between Canada and the US…

  • I can confirm that there are hardly any people in Canada.

  • as usual Italy ranks somewhere in undefined-land.

  • I know Denmark has at least one order (me)...

    Anyways, I’m made in Germany, exported to Denmark after three years of maturing in a cellar somewhere.. or something.. ^^

  • “I can confirm that there are hardly any people in Canada.” I’m the only one up here, haven’t seen anyone other then some bears in years. I’m kinda surprised there’s even 25 sold in Canada, nobody I know has ever heard of a Shruthi.

  • My Shruthi-1 shipped to Canada, but really I'm American. Until Canadian Immigration lets me join my wife in Calgary, count that 25th Canadian Shruthi towards the US, please. :)

    Piscione, where are you located?
  • I’m in Mississauga, west side of Toronto. I’ve been seriously considering a move to Calgary, lots of work out there. Not much happening in Toronto but I’m constantly getting notices for jobs in Calgary or Edmonton. One of my old employers is in Calgary, CP Rail.

  • Piscione, I like Calgary. Originally from the Midwest, and having lived in Vegas, it's a nice mix of urban and rural. As for work in Calgary, I'm not really in a position to give opinions (not qualified for skilled labor, and nobody can hire me until I get my PR/work visa). There seems to be lots of trade work, lots of oilfield work (not really my thing, with a background in education and music), and plenty of work in other fields, but I think the labor-shortage crisis is over for Calgary. It's still a far cry from the 10%+ unemployment I was used to in Vegas.

    Thread derailed!
  • @ piscione: "I’m kinda surprised there’s even 25 sold in Canada" maybe the bears like shruthi over there :)

    @ fcd72: "Here is a small and a capital “ü” " :) the problem is that I write in Italian, English, Spanish and German, so I have the 4 layout installed, and I have to switch all the time to get the special letters and accents of each language, and sometimes I get lazy and I don't. Often I forget and after a while that I write in english I realize that all the y are z (qwertz).
    Aber Muenster ist eine schoene stadt :D
    I thought that German people were cold, rigid and hard. And That German language was like in the nazi movies.
    But it is not like that, I am pleasantly surprised and I am happy to be here.

    @Titus: if you like synthesizers and electronic music you are from Germany wherever you live.
    (oh, imported nationalism?)
  • I accept honorary German citizenship and I’m on my way. Prepare the immigration officials!

  • speaking of polka: i’m kind of surprised that there are no shruthi orders from poland in pichenettes’ 6-months statistic. i sure hope that jexus already has a shruti! :)

  • Oh, how much for IR3109 i want it ))) kvitekp, how can I contact You?

    if it still actual can you mail me to shaolinfm at gmaildotcom ?
  • These are the top 15 countries, not the full list.

  • Is that individual orders or grouped by person? I’ve ordered two kits and a few boards. So I must count for about 5 or so of the UK order figure.

  • Just order count ; not # of unique customers ; not # of kits.

  • Jexus doesn’t have one, but I have been try to talk him into it. I think he would really like it… He hates DIY... :-/

  • maybe we should ma a collection and give him one as a present – i’d love to see (and hear) what he does with it.

    but then again, his wonderful videos are usually about keyboard synths, most of them vintage. so maybe the shruthi really just isn’t his thing…

  • I really dig his videos, I love everything he got out of the ESQ-1 (recognized some kind of sound I was getting out of it, but at other times I was “wooow, how is he doing that?”). If one of you has strong evidence that he will enjoy the Shruthi and will make good sounds of it, you could organize a collection for a kit, I’ll build it and send it to him…

  • It would have to be a 4PM though, he has a Polivoks.

  • i’ll gladly contribute 20 euros to the ‘4pm shruthi for jexus’ collection, if we have any indication that he would accept it and do a video with it.

    (who’d have thought i’d be a patron of the arts one day)

    @titus: do you know him in person?

  • This could be a SMR4mkII as well…

  • Only through email correspondence. Let me email him and ask him about it before we get too excited. And yes, I think he always buys synths with keys… But I will ask if he is interested in doing a demo. It would be great!

  • Email sent. I will keep you posted.

  • One of us could “lend” him a synth if we want to see what he can do with it?

  • I already offered to send/build… But Olivier’s offer is different. Maybe he will be persuaded?

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