So Oliver, not that you dont have anything else to do but..
  • Residence. I lived in Chicago for 11 years and when we decided to buy a house, we opted for the ‘burbs. More house for the money. But, it is deathly quiet here! It’s all old people! Whereami! It’s not bad, but I know i 3-4 years, we will move to a better town.

    Very cool to see how far and wide the Shruthiverse™ spreads.

  • Im in leafy North London (UK). Which means I have next to none of the benefits of actually living in London, yet retain most of the drawbacks.
    They even closed the local mental asylum. So lord only knows where I’m going to live when I get old.

    The village I live in is also home to this..

    It’s either Englands first prison, or possibly the worlds first prison. I forget.
    Still, at least this place isn’t totally without it’s conveniences!

  • sweet, the giant fake boob house

  • I could live in that. Looks kinda comfy…

  • Better?

  • @Luap: you can’t have it – it doesn’t meet regulations ;-)

  • Aha! I see what you did there.. But all your IR3109 boards do belong to me.. So it’s all good!

  • so the purpose for the first prison on earth was not drowning in their own wrongdoing and a safe rest place to become a better (feeling) person. that proves the concept!
    but why did they put a concrete lid on it?

  • I see: you are quite deliberate derailing without my help….

  • just take it as invitation. help from the master is always appreciated!

  • Then I should stop by your parts this summer :P Gotland is really really nice!

  • Borde resa dit nån dag. Oh. Should go there (Gotland) some day.
  • Schrab: Irkutsk? Now that is exotis, even to us living side to side to the Bear of Russia...
  • Yes! I was VERY suprised by this scene in Kaurismäki’s Dogs have no hell
    It’s a lot of weird things around, but when you can drink and even fill the fishtank with tap water, and you separated by only one hour from Baikal and four hours from Olkhon (where we live one month of the year) – I would not change this for anything!

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