Display - OLED instead of standard LCD
  • Hi,

    I am just building my first Shruthi based on the standard Kit. I would like to exchange the LCD with a yellow OLED and bought this from Reichelt

    My questions are:

    • Can I use this display without any further modifications on the board or the display itself?
    • Do I have to install the 5k trimmer R21?
    • What should I use to raise the OLED a bit? The height of the OLED is less than the original LCD, so I would like to raise it a bit. Would you recomend something like this?


    Any comments are welcome


  • No mods required. Plug n play.

    There is no contrast adjustment or backlight on an OLED, there’s no connection on pin 3 (where the output of the trimmer goes), so you can leave it out.

    You can raise the display by putting another row of black plastic onto the pin header. Get a spare piece and push out the pins and then push this onto the pin header. You only need a few pins with extra plastic each side and in the middle. You can often slide the pins around in the black retainer to get the right length.

    Alternatively have another case top made without the window (if clear) or get a clear window made. fcd72 can do this?

  • Shure.

  • Thanks for the feedback. I will leave the trimmer out and save it for the next Shruthi-1 project. :-)

    I actually ordered a WASP XT case from fcd72. I guess I will wait until I have the case on my table to see how high I have to raise the display. Might gonna buy an extra frame …

    Thanks again!


  • I’ve put my OLED and an LCD on the table face down to compare heights. There’s not much in it really

    The difference is about the height of an IC socket.

    You could just solder one pin and adjust the height to suit by heating the soldered joint and moving it.

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