shruthi-1 stops making sound after any amount of time
  • Hey,

    yesterday i have assembled my sruthi-1 and it works perfect- no problems.
    today morning i started playing but after a few minutes, or seconds- very random- the shruthi-1 stops making sound, no reaction to midi, the display freezes, leds still shining, no reaction while pressing the buttons or turning any knob- not from the display or leds.
    when i turn my shruthi-1 off and on again everything works again for any amount of time.
    i checked different power supplies- doesnt make a difference.

    i really dont know what the problem is, especially because it worked already- seams to me like a joke.
    hope someone can help me out. really got no experience in building synths or something similar.

    thanks in advance.
  • Seen that already, was the atmega which was trying to escape its socket! :) replaced it correctly and voilà!

  • Geishaballs suggestion is one thing to look at.

    There is a very rare problem with some units which can be solved by swapping in a 6N138 in place of the 6N137.

  • thanks alot so far! I will try my best tomorrow to make it work again. Keep you informed.
  • I've had a similar problem and was able to solve it. One of my soldering was wrong (had to play Sherlock Holmes with a magnifier...) so that the -5v randomly disappeared. You should check with a wooden stick each soldering while your digital board is powered on. Hope this is the reason.