Little funk-sort-of demo with the Shruthi
  • I really like this synth. This track shows my age but…

    Groove bit


  • hey Randy, nice jam!

  • easy and funky! not bad! Why are you saying that it shows your age?

  • Thanks very much for the comments. I figured it showed my age because I still like that sort of music.


  • Well I still like end 70s electronic music… and I was barely born at that time :D

  • That’s good to hear! I was born in ’58, joined my first rock band in ’74. I was a prog rock fan, Wakeman was my hero.


  • more than prog rock I was referring to the manchester electronic scene at the end of the 70s, you know the beginning of wave and synthpop, when people started to migrate from punk and guitars to electronic instruments in that area.
    But nothing agains prog rock! :)

  • I missed some of that. By the end of the 70s I was listening to Earth Wind and Fire, Tower of Power and other funk bands.


  • By the end of the 70ies i was 8….. good to know that I’m not the only Fossile here…

  • At least you never had to wear paisley and bell bottoms. I even have a photo of myself in a blue polyester jumpsuit when I was in a disco/funk showband. Scary stuff.

  • gasp

    Cool tune Randy. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  • fcd72: a fossile would have a much lower number in the nickname than yours

  • fcd72: I was born in November 72 so I’m carefully staging my 40-year crisis ;)

    I’m no mere fossil, I’m moar of a paleontology study.

    EDIT: Cool demo of course!

  • Titus, thanks! Most people who know me figure I’ve been dealing with a mid-life crisis since I was 16.

  • I’m only just slightly younger than you Randy. You’re not alone.

    And I try not to limit my crises to any particular period of my life. I create them regularly…

  • @rumpelfilter

    72 is the Digit Sum of my age…....

  • you lucky guys!

    i was born 84.

    i would give my right arm to live through the 70s & espacially 80s

  • loderbast, c’mon over and I’ll put you in a blue jumpsuit and we can play some disco music. That should take care of the 80s at least. For the 70s, we can listen to Pink Floyd in the dark, drink beer and smoke weed, although I’m more into the former than the latter.

    Titus, you have a healthy approach to life!


  • Pink Floyd, weed and dark room are eternal values!
    And King Krimson of course.

    Randy, nice tune!

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