Saving patches "the old way" questions
  • Hei everybody,

    I’m currently working on a live act that will be without computer, [but without being vintage only].
    Anyway, I’ll have 4 shrutis on stage (when the white polar wolf is going to be here) and when I’m gonna play I’ll have a problem of “patches and sequences” switching.

    I’ve seen that the old way, is storing and recalling sequences with a patch.
    What I’m wondering is, is on this mode, saved with the patch the info “arp” [and the associated parameters] and the type of arp/seq running.

    What I mean is: Is a single program change gonna allow me to recall in one action, a patch, it’s associated sequence and any parameter on how to run it [including clock division choice]?

    And I’ve noticed that the clock may jump a step when such stuff is change while running.
    Is it gonna be worse when jumping from one “patch+seq” to another?

    Btw here’s the pic of my live setup [1squaremeter]:


  • God you’re brave! Way to go. Please post audio from your performances,

  • Haha thanks! I don’t know if it’s being brave.
    I just love to play music that way.

    Makes me a more “dancefloor” person, as I’m more into feeling than seeing.

    But anyway, that doesn’t answer my question.
    I think I’ll have to try once the actual track is recorded. Just didn’t wanna break my patch organisation if worthless but if no answer comes from here, I guess the best way is to actually try by myself.


  • Sequencer settings like tempo, clock division, wrap mode etc. are not saved. This is a frequent request but since changing this will cause whatever the users have stored on their eeproms to be lost, I don’t want to change this at the moment and will do it when it’ll be time to do a “backward-incompatible” upgrade.

  • Just so you know, here’s one more person that will welcome such a feature!

    btw. geishaballs: I think it’s great to go computerless… working on it myself (but with little success still).

  • Id be willing to donate money to whatever dev has to code a patch converter to let this happen too :D

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