Shruthi-1 4-Pole Mission edition
  • geishaballs “I was more talking about an impression of lower volume with [for example] ms setting on res flavour, compared to liquid, especially in bandpass mode.”

    Compared to the bog standard ‘liquid’ setting, the MS-dist resonance mode setting imposes a hard limit function that clips the top of the waveforms at about +/-0.7 volts using the back to back 1N4148 diodes. It gives an alternative ‘harder’ sound, but since the waveform peak levels drop so does the volume, particularly at higher resonance settings.

    In other words, don’t worry, it’s meant to happen ;-)


  • Yes, the MS setting causes a change in the balance of the sound – due to clipping the fundamental is attenuated and the harmonics are boosted – it sounds a bit thinner but more nasal and nasty.

  • pichenettes

    just did a new pc and i cant seem to find the transwave python script you sent me can you piont me to a download location for it

    i have been very busy creating thousand of transwaves and have sellected a nice set for the shruthi that i want to convert

    and i want the expander filter section but notices cant use a programmer with it so is it better to use a midibox midi programmer or a midibox cv programmer to control the shruthi with nobs for its function as i might stick a couple in a rack the xpander filter and the polyvolks

  • So I’ve slowly begun sourcing parts for this, grabbing pieces here and there as my meager budget allows (keeping fingers crossed that this will indeed be a white PCB pair in the store). I grabbed a few V2164D chips from Small Bear yesterday to get that piece out of the way. A few hours later, a good friend and former coworker whom I haven’t been in contact with for a few years shot me a message on Facebook saying “Did you order something today… from Small Bear?” Ha! Come to find out he works there! 4PM: bring old friends together again :D

  • Ha ha, that’s great.

    Shruthi-1, social attractor.

  • Yo! Is 68Ohm the right resistor value for the white-on-black LCD that comes with the 4-pole mission kit?

  • 68 works great, you can get down to 10 ohm.

  • Cool, thanks!


  • Ordered-so glad I didn't miss it this time! :-)
  • Oh no i missed it i mean i have now no money for it, i need it! is the Kit longer available?
    Or like the red alert edition? Limited?

  • There are still 30 kits left in the shop. After that I won’t do more for a while…

  • Hello Olivier
    Thx but now I need not have to panic that I did not get the Filter!
    I get some money this days, then I could maybe have gotten a kit.
    was no longer here in the forum and who knows what there will be new

  • I recommend to be careful if one tests 4-pm filter board without spacers. There is risk to get short circuits between regulators and legs from one of the switches.

  • Would you mind posting that as a distinct discussion?

  • I often test boards with a sheet of paper between them, to prevent shorts. The other thing to bear in mind with the 4PM is that without the case to diffuse the light, the LEDs are ridiculously bright. I was left with afterimages for several minutes, just from testing for a short time to see if everything worked.


  • @toneburst

    Thats why we call them Supernova Type Retina Burners™

  • That’s the Four Pole Emission Condition!

  • This is my first post and I apologize if it's in the wrong thread in advance.

    I was looking at the latests rev of the manual (v0.96) since I just purchased my second kit (4 Pole Mission Edition) and I was wondering about a few parameter CC numbers.

    The manuals CC chart is lacking Filter Type & Resonance Type. Do they have dedicated CC numbers attached to them for this rev?
  • No, they don’t have CCs attached to them. Might do in future firmware update.

  • Thank you so much for the quick response. Having said CCs would be a blast. I hope they are implemented.

    In the mean time, my clear SMR4 KII & white Mission 4 Pole will still be used heavily together and apart.

  • What would be good is to have the filter settings stored with the patch. But this would use a few bytes and there would be the issue of what to do when loading a setting that a filter doesn’t implement.

  • They are already stored with the patch.

  • Your last chance to grab a 4-Pole Mission kit

    PCB pairs in stock (once the 3 kits go away, this will be the only option to build one)

  • Two days, only two days...
    Leave me just one kit :-(
  • will the opaque cases be available as well?

  • If not then it’s not difficult to glue some tracing paper to the inside of the clear case :)

  • ah, true, or some theatrical color gel. I was wondering more for the wolfeyes™

  • Belt sander and sand the inside surface of the case section? would diffuse it nicely :)

  • yay just ordered da boards!

  • I am so glad I got one of the assembled 4PM (as much as I love hardware I’m a software kind of guy when it comes to DIY). It sounds fantastic and is lots of fun to tweak.

    I had some questions that were sorted in minutes by Olivier. That’s what I call service!

    Thanks for a fun and unique piece of gear

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