So now this is Friday the 13th
  • So what's new ??? ;)
  • Friday. Yesterday was Thursday.

  • BOM ... BOM BOM ... BOM BOM ... BOM BOM ...

  • I’d like to say:“I know it but if i would tell i had to kill you!” but theres absolutely no reason to do so. Just another Friday. Yesterday was Thursday. Tomorrow, presumably, will be Saturday. All according to local MEZ (don’t know whats that in ZULU).

  • T K T K T K T K T K T K T K T K T K T K T K T K T K T K

  • WOOF WOOF !!

  • Managed to get my new home studio setup ready without getting any electrical shocks or breaking sth, some 20min ago. A good day to work:)
  • It looks like Olivier spent his complimentary beer tokens already :p

  • Must be that tenner I sent him earlier lol. Do they sell 5 litre bottles of cider over there? :)

  • I asked my question on Friday, no ? (OK it was just a few minutes after midnight, Paris local time)
  • If you are in Paris, why don’t you just take a walk over to Oliver to see yourself ;-)

  • Thank god for Rebecca Black… Without her I’d never know what days follow eachother.

  • “We don’t allow faster-than-light neutrinos in here,” says the bartender.
    A neutrino walks into a bar.

  • today at 5PM (not 4PM)

  • Will it be a Shurthi-1 Michael Myers edition ?
  • Is there any Countdown Counter anywhere, please? ;-)

  • We want hints so that we can dream ourselves through the workday…

  • Cool. The Mutable Instruments IceCream Manufacture where Granitas are made from pure exotic fruits and Ice grated from the factorys own Glacier. Now you why Glaciers get smaller – guess where McDonalds buy their Ice. Global Warming is a fake….

  • "Today at 5 PM"

    Now I know some more.
    I know when.
    But I'll have to wait a bit to know what ...
  • Isn’t it clear from the photo?

  • As said above….

  • "Isn’t it clear from the photo?"
    crystal clear : you're leaving on holidays in skidoo in Alaska.
  • Alaska, pah!

    I think this is what Olivier thinks the weather in Stockholm is like – during summer. If it’s winter the place gets swarmed with sexually liberated polar bears ;)

    Gaah, it’s a little over 4 hours left. The suspense is killing me, or something…

  • Olivier is moving for a 4 years long hermitage to Antarctica.
  • Awouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! tain tain tain rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr awouuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

    ... :D

  • looks liek the base camp from THE THING

  • I think it looks like some alien goblins with white eyes staring at me.. where’s my medication?

  • This is the big thriller of the day ... It's sound like a weird & dark thing ...
    Argh !
  • oootini that was exactly what i thought. maybe Olivier has been allowed to backengineer an alien organ…
    in return for teaching them french?

  • Why should an alien want to learn french? To order Soupe aux Choux ?

  • It’s 5! It’s5!!!




    F*ck yeah!

  • Ah, no Soup aux Choux…. im disappointed ;-)

  • Hells yeah!

    Good thing I already took count of the components as seen on the drawing in the Github repository :D
    Must go get the components package at the post counter in my supermarket.

  • I’d like to give recognition to oootini and rosch for guessing the pic correctly. The Thing one of Carpenter’s best – highly recommended. Good job guys! I buy you 5 virtual beers!

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