Solid textured acrylic midipal case
  • Just a concept…

  • Nice – its 3mm matte?

  • yeah, with snap in window. I milled down the slots so the sides would fit

  • you milled this? Holy shit, you milled plexi…...

  • @fcd72 I had a Shruthi-1 case milled from, plexi a while back. Didn’t work too well, mind you, and I ended up getting another one laser-cut.


  • No, i just milled the tabs down to 2mm. The textured acrylic only comes in 3mm so they needed to ne thinned down. It machines pretty well though, i cut the counter bores for the hardware also. Polycarbonate is really crappy to cut

  • How about a dirty MillTime / LaserTime Trade ;-)

  • My mill is a big manual one but sure what do u have in mind? Hit me on my gmail (altitude909)

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