MiniDarkBrutaurosaurus ?!?
  • any comments on what you are cooking there oliviere?

    sounds awsome.

  • Hmmm you know… electronics is a very pipelined job… There are many external dependencies (boards being manufactured, parts being ordered), so I have to run many projects at the same time to keep myself busy!

    This is a new thing indeed.

  • check this out:

  • Mmm pitch bending.
  • Creammmmy

  • very interesting! Not sure what it is all about but it’s totally promsing!

  • Board for this beast has been ordered. The plan is to do it as a kit, collect feedback (I see reasons why it would work, soundwise it is solid ; and reasons why it wouldn’t), and move it very rapidly to SMT for a small run if there’s good response.

  • Analogue all the way this time? (with a little digital management).
  • Not to badger you too much, but are there any non-Reichelt parts (harder for us living in Europe) to consider? Hopefully those are included in the kit.

  • Many non-Reichelt parts. I think the full BOM can be bought at mouser, with one or two exceptions. Easier to use with some parts I got custom made, but vanilla substitutes do work. I’ll be doing kits. Don’t expect a release before 3 or 4 months, but I’ll talk more about it before. I’ve done 90% of the electronics, firmware, so about 20% of the total work involved in getting a product out (nailing the 10% devilish details, BOMs, documentation, case, testing, demos, testing, parts selection, price definition, kits preparation, etc.)

  • Ah, the good old 20-80 rule (Pareto principle) in action again.
    Thanks pichenettes!

  • So we’re talking about a second mystery product before we even know what the other one is/was?

  • The ShruthiVersum™ is full of Mysteries…..

  • A diversion perhaps? ;)
  • I need a breadboard. And some bread.

  • Im just baking some with roasted onions and nutmeg, will be lovely with the fresh Butter with Herbs, Chili, Garlic, Lime Zest and coarse Sea Salt.

    Should we start the “Recipe of the Day” Thread?

  • mmm, onions!!!

  • Not totally so no Entry to TheList™ so far….

    Im just trying to tow away your Attention from secret Prototypes.

  • The bread sounds good though. How much to send some to Los Angeles?

  • Sounds like good bread, but my fave is “Tunnbröd” as it’s made in northern Dalarna (a Swedish province) from potatoes and barley. Or the “Kavelgris” which is the sweeter/spicy version of the same containing some treacle and fennel seeds. Takes a whole day to make a batch and a good wood-fired owen.

    Edit: This thin bread is called Lompe in Norway. It’s absurdly delicious.

    Can we add the tread to the list now?

    If not, we can keep listing things both about the UFO-thing now residing at fcd72 as well as this new thing…

  • Who says that this new thing isn’t residing here already?

    Ill post a Pic of the Bread later….

  • Good one!

    But can the new(er) things do supersaw ;-)

  • Thy only can do HyperSaw™

  • If you put two HyperSaws together, do you get ChainSaw?

    Just wondering…

  • Mmm, gotta fire up some Gears of War 3. All that chainsaw talk made me a hungry boy!

  • The new thing did something supersawwy and then I got rid of it when I realized a particular combination of settings could achieve the same result without extra circuitry.

  • Yarr!

    When this meme gains a sufficient foothold I’ll move on to audio-rate PWM with 2 cross-modded VCOs almost locking up. It needs to be heard to be believed! Unfortunately I’ll have to wait until modular panel 2 containing this mega CEM-3374 ultra-VCO with waveshaping galore… or? Better keep some goodies off the public radar for a while longer.

    Anywho, somewhat back to topic: Are there any hard to get parts in the other new thing? Or is it too early to spill those beans yet?

  • No CEM and the likes if that’s what you are thinking about. I consider my involvement with those chips a thing of the past.

    There are some parts not found at Reichelt, one or two things not available at Mouser, a couple of things I got custom made but which can be approximated with widely available stuff. Nothing significantly different than on the Shruthi.

  • Ahh! Cool beans and thanks!

    More specifically I was after the hard-to-obtain jack assemblies, the button caps and hopefully no narrow-pin DC jack. Since using the fat pins it’s far easier to find generic parts for the DC jack so big kudos for that! The carries the TA12 or TABLK etc button caps here in Yurop. The TACBLK (I may have mixed these two up) are harder to find.

    The thing with the tele jack is that more common pin spacing is found on other models from Neutrik and Cliff, which are easy to source but this is no biggie. I’ll simply buy a ton of these for my next Mouser order. Also, it would be helpful to know which LCD 2x16/2x20 or whatever will be used as I much prefer to get an OLED if possible.

    Also, for ICs that leaves us with the SSM/V2164 which is semi-hard to find.

  • Yeah those DC jacks were hard to find. The Polivoks board has bigger holes. For my SSM I just drilled the board, but wasn't nice.
  • Yup! The Polivoks board and the SMR4v2 have been changed and that’s good!
    I was just not so secretly hoping that the button caps would get changed to be the same as those used on the xoxbox and that the input/output jacks would if possible be changed into something which is easier to find.

  • Well Neutrik stuff is generally pretty good. The problem I found is that Farnell and others are out of stock. I got some from some seller on Amazon in the end.
  • Hmmm, you’re talking about sourcing parts for something that doesn’t even exist at the stage of a prototype assembled PCB... Strange!

  • Who me? I was on about the mono audio jacks for the existing stuff.
  • Take it as a vote of confidence – I’ll get the new hardware no matter what, or as hints about which parts some of us (or me) like to see replaced to make things easier. I’m about to order things from Digi-key, Mouser and Reichelt at the moment so I figured I’d drop in some extra bits if they’re looking likely to get used… If you kit the entire thing then these things will be of less concern for most of us.

  • Ill now reveal a big secret: there are be blue 1% metal film resistors in a Prototype…

  • I want red ones :)
  • There will be TL072, TL074, probably some logic I/O stuff (595 and 165). Safe to assume it’ll have MIDI.

  • Haha! This is very deja vu… Sorry to badger you.
    Those were no wild guesses, I can say with confidence that it’ll also include some capacitors :)

  • Yes, get a reel of 500x 100nF caps :) should cover a bunch of project!

  • Oh sweet. I didn’t notice MIDI jacks on the breadboard and figured this was some standalone beeper thing.

  • What you’ve seen and heard is one half of the beast. Also, the arduino was here mostly as a test signal generator.

  • And there will be a PCB, presumably.

  • which color?

  • Transparent :)

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