"Innovative Instruments Ribbon Tube Synth"
  • http://m.matrixsynth.com/2012/03/messe12-innovative-instruments-ribbon.html

    Looks kind of familiar…

  • Authorised use or not?
  • I really hope this is not another attempt at someone trying to pass off others’ hard work as their own. :(

  • He lets us know that the ribbon is fron Doepfer, but says nothing about the synth behind it all :P

  • Well, if you release things under fairly liberal terms these sort of things do happen. The MIDIBox guys had to change their licence for that reason.

    I really don't know why people do it. I don't mean using other people's projects as a base, that is really useful sometimes as it provides more options for cases and controls.

    But I really don't understand why they neglect to mention who created the synth engine?
  • Wasn’t there something like mentioning the origin in these GPL thingies? Im fucked off… If i ever fail to notice a Shruthi XT is 99,7% Oliviers Work please beat the hell out of me.

    Edit: don’t panic, he’s even to dumb to pass the right URL of his own Site….

    Edit Edit: 1399€ ! For a Doepfer Ribbon Controller, A Shruthi and a piece of sewage pipe painted White. Trying to compete with the Guitarists impressing the girls in the Forest, the Guitarist could bring a fine Custom Elite or a Vintage Celebrity Deluxe in Birds Eye Maple Sunburst. Guess who wins, SewagePipe Guy. Remembering the Guitarists get all the Girls i should go to the attic and fetch my Celebrity…..

    Bottom Line: Much ado about nothing.

  • The guy has purchased a bunch of kits from me and has notified me of their commercial use, so this fits into the “Authorized use” category. A tiny bit of citation would be cool though :) In front of journalists people try to impress and get the maximum of attention. Let’s see how it goes in other contexts (reviews, official site).

    His other product is based on the Doepfer DIY kit.

    Nothing new here, there are a few people out there building Shruthi-1 and reselling them for profit. If you have bought too many kits, and resold the assembled unit more than what a kit was worth and thought “hell yeah, first time I resell a piece of gear more than I paid for it”, you are in this category too…

  • > Well, if you release things under fairly liberal terms these sort of things do happen. The MIDIBox guys had to change their licence for that reason.

    You make it sound as if it’s a bad thing.

    He’s not going to “steal” customers from me (I think the set of people wanting to buy a pre-built ribbon synth and the set of people wanting to get a Shruthi-1, kit or assembled, are quite disjoint). Actually he is a customer of me. The more people get commercially involved in the project, the longer its life will be. These are the kind of people who would get badly screwed if the project was put to a halt, so it’s in their interest I think to not harm it. These are the kind of people who might pay for firmware modifications or new features – making firmware upgrade development a commercially viable activity to me. FYI at the moment, and it’s a sad truth, adding features to the firmware brings very little business value, I don’t think people will suddenly want to buy a Shruthi because it saves portamento or has a copy/paste for envelope settings.

    In this age of internet forums and social networks, people usually sort things out themselves. If people think this project is a rip-off of the Shruthi, it won’t be long before it’s going to be exposed as such. If people say, “this thing sounds good, I want one but without the ribbon thingie”, it won’t be long before someone points them back to the Shruthi…

  • I think it would look better if it were worn perpendicular to the body… ;-)

  • I think our fellow inhabitants of the ShruthiVersum™ (including me) get a bit upset because he just didn’t mention the Origin of this fine Synth Engine and makes it look like it is his own Idea + development (“I put in 128 Presets”). In opposite if i would feel like making a controller thingy of any Kind and incorporate a Shruthi i would proudly state its a Mutable Instruments.

    Did i get it?

  • Exactly right.

    As for GPL and copyleft, most developers are fine with people taking it and producing their own cool stuff with it. It is when they create commercial products from it that it gets a bit unfair.

    It sounds like this guy is a bit different. But some of the people building products using MIDIBox designs have said they had licenced the software and spoken with TK when they hadn't. One box was just a commercialised MB-6582, which suddenly got a redesign when complaints were raised.
  • OK, so that's the reason why I liked the sound that this one was producing ...
  • OK, Guys, we can do better: who’s in for the “Really Innovative Controller Thingy featuring a mutable Instruments Synth Engine Contest” ? ;-)

  • you’d just need to put the ribbon flush with the sewage pipe surface to make it look 50% cooler already.
    the visual concept is questionable (but don’t ask me to show mine now) but the idea ain’t bad.
    fcd, that sounds like the Shruthi hackme contest long long time ago, people here had some nice ideas. so why not !?

  • Show me your concept, rosch ;-)

  • So, he's gotta publish any code modification back to the community right?
  • Yes, though he won’t do any himself. He’s more interested in paying me to do it, and if there is anything useful for the mainland branch, it’ll be merged with it.

  • i hope he doesn’t lose too much money on this. it seems like a really weak project.

  • Synthopia mentioned it to use a Shruthi-1 or better they say that it uses “what looks to be a Mutable Instruments Shruthi-1” so it sounds more like a guess…

  • He's buying your stuff and paying you to help? that sounds pretty good then.

    I still would like to see a "Shruthi Inside" sticker on it though :)
  • This pipe greatly lacking of mouthpiece and barometric pressure sensor ;)

  • Schrab, is that a dirty joke? Don’t kick my barometric pressure sensors please :D

  • Is schrab capable of non-dirty jokes??

  • It was my failed concept.
    But.. What about four mouthpieces and four pressure sensors?

  • CV1, CV2, CV3, CV4.
    And “Mooootable instruments”, obviously =)

  • Where do i plug in my glorious BC-2 ??

  • I’m udderly confused.

    Why is it that when a man glues a ribbon controller on to a four-foot megaphone and then starts to play it… Oh forget it.

  • @fcd72: bare pcbs in a cardboard box

  • the guy updated the description on the website at the end.

    Ausstattung RRS-Hybrid
    - Kooperation mit dem französischen Hersteller Olivier Gillet (u.a. bekannt durch das Shruthi-1 Synthesizer-Modul); Homepage:http://mutable-instruments.net/
    - Crushy 8-Bit Wavetable-Oszillator-Engine (SID / PPG / PD like).
    - Analoges Filterboard.
    - Beleuchtetes Display.
    - 255-Speicherplätze; 128 Preset-Sounds enthalten.
    - MIDI I/O Schnittstelle (optional).
    - Line-IN Schnittstelle (optional).

  • Nice, credit has been given :)
  • Dumb Question:
    what about the “128 presets” ? would it be legit for him to sell “his” instrument with the presets that ppl have contributed here and that made their way into the firmware ?

  • I think it is a fair question and I can arrange to ship him eeproms without the user-contributed presets. Maybe you could also contact him and enquire about this!

  • It's an odd one though, a preset sound is just a configuration of dials effectively. You can change the filter cut off or some other parameter by 1 and it's immediately not the 100% the same data.
  • Anyway I must say that the video has struck me for the fact that the guy was really acting as if he had done all the work himself. In the end his instrument is really just a mod… some people really don’t know the meaning of the word “respect”...

  • I got some feedback from the designer of the thing:

    • The tract handed over at the musikmesse contains the same text as the website (clear citation).
    • New presets are progressively being developed, though they were not copied in the unit used for the demo.

  • So, he buys a Shruthi, puts it in an ugly tube. Buys a Doepfer ribbon controller, straps it onto the thing. Then he wants to sell it for 1400 Euro. Uh-huh. Good luck with that….

  • @Titus Raindrops
    What a beautiful word – Udder. It’s very simillar to Über.

    So, i cannot resist my dirty thoughts and here is my final concept

  • @schrab
    Do you accept PayPal?

  • Add a breath controller and it may work as a flute synth :)
  • It has FOUR breath controllers.

    And no paypal, credit cards only!

  • The Funny thing about it is schrab will really do it…..

  • And it has jack for external breath controller (at the bottom, don’t seen at photo) so you can plug your favourite BC-2.
    But you have to call at least 3 of your friends/girlfriends for full musical experience.

  • And please do not blame me – I’ve spent two days constructing dc water pumps (third one is working fine), cutting and glueing infusion system tubes, so now all my thoughts are hydraulically oriented.

  • @schrab I can’t stop laughing. I was beginning to think I was the only one who saw something funny in the megaphone thing…

    One question. How do the udders modulate the sound? Is there a sensor for elasticity so one can pull, as well as squeeze? Does the hydraulic flow modulate volume? I mean that makes sense to me but who knows what you were thinking?

    I only have one girlfriend so I will take three.

  • Is a moob modulator option possible?

    Moob also sounds like moog, so it's a win win situation for us guys with a little more wobble than we would like :)
  • Can it make those moobstep sounds?

  • The Uddersynth’s case made from hard rubber, so you can bend and squeeze a little. Inside there’s 2 glued piezo sensors, which converting squeeze and bend energy to CV1 and CV2. One of teats connected to air pressure sensor (CV3) and other three to small turbine, which generates electricity to power the synth and amplifier (that’s why you need a little help from your friends. thinking about pipe bag to accumulate pressure). It’s a wind instrument, so no external power/batteries. Also it has MMA7361‎ accelerometer inside connected to CV4, taking different poses affecting it sound too.

  • For moobstep bass you have to squeeze and shake it as hard as you can!

  • to prove all the seriousness of my intentions

  • Ill provide a digital + SMR-4 Board.

  • please consider implementing 3 back pressure valves. in case the 3 girlfriends perform irregular breathing rhythms the valves avoid parts of the air being sucked out again before it enters the generator.

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