shruti-1 vs sk-1 in an arpeggiated battle to the death pt 2
  • video here

    part 1 is torturous. I wish that Vimeo had counters to see how many people made it to the END of your video.

    By the way, does anyone know a good free way to convert uncompressed avi to a format vimeo likes? I’m using Super© and my results were atrocious. I was hoping the compression would be better…

  • nice. that video bend is great. cool sounds too…

  • yeah! great video!
    I hope none of them died, they both sound great in it! :)
    about video compressors… I have been using the free “Any Video Converter” which did a decent job in most cases (like converting h264 to wmv and stuff like that). I’d give it a try.

  • That’s pure art, right there. Dig it.