[total self promo] Shruti-1 sounds on tape/digital
  • hey mutable scene – I kinda faded off the forum a bit after finishing my Shruti-1, partially bc I just had to restrain myself from buying more of these great kits (blame the bank account). However, a lot of the music I’ve made with the Shruti is starting to see the light of day!

    Here’s the newest release:

    Waiting In Poor Lighting
    cassette direct from Avant Archive
    on Bandcamp

  • sounding very cool!
    Is it a bunch of shruthi-only tracks, with some digital reverb, or did you use other instruments as well?

  • my instrumentation is: Shruti, Access Virus B, Strymon El Capistan, recorded in realtime with some field recordings in there as well.

    post-recording is all editing and some amplifier modeling in Logic. I don’t do much with reverb after recording (at least not in an “Effects” way) – the Strymon has a great spring model built in.

    this is the second release (after my cassette on Digitalis) that is more “computer free” than other solo recordings under my name. basically max/msp is handling some light MIDI & OSC duties and occasionally field recording playback. it’s a really fun “low stress” setup where I get to pay more attention to my instruments than to the many things that I get Reaktor cooking up…

  • Billy, your music/drones are wonderful!!!
    Marty (broken chip).
  • hi Marty – thanks!

    didn’t know you were about this lil place…

  • I'll be buying it!!!
    Yes, I built my first shruthi-1 over christmas last. Incredible little synth.
    I've got a sammichSID kit waiting to be built and then I'll get another shruthi with perhaps a Polivoks filter, tough decisions ;D
  • Very nice Billy!

  • thanks guys!

  • A M A Z I N G – I just bought the EP. Minor critizism: cover is not as good as the music…

    Any other works available somewhere?

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