It's March. WHAT'S THE NEW PRODUCT!?!?!?!

  • Mutable Gear release Countdown Clock - Preorders starts March 15th.
  • Sorry guys, it’s not ready. I’ve been working hard, 16 hrs a day, to prepare a new batch of Shruthi-1 kits. At the moment, I cannot deliver kits so it’s a kind of emergency situation here. No Shruthi-1 sold = no income for me.

    Expect an announcement mid april, or later if I discover a serious bug/flaw that would require a rework. What I am playing at the moment is the 4th iteration of prototypes and there’s already a list of minor fixes for a 5th revision. Depending on your interest in the product I will prepare kits or just sell PCB and move on.

  • i bet there will be kits :)

  • Indeed, if the sounds we can find on soundcloud named “da drone” and other stuff are this thing “soon to be released in april”, it seems pretty obvious that there will be quite a huge demand for this…

  • Ouch!

    I guess we all must make do with our Shruthis meanwhile. Then it’s solder mania!

  • I'm massively curious as well. No chance for any hints?
    My hope is for either a drum machine, or something polyphonic (even if it is paraphonic).

    Have you considered something semi-paraphonic? I don't know if a synth exists that does this, but one could have six or eight voices sharing TWO (or maybe even three) filter boards. With a digital amplifier per voice (instead of a VCA) and some clever voice/filter allocation, it may be a lot less awkward than a regular paraphonic, and allows us to use our existing filter boards without having to amass six or eight of them.
  • Or maybe an all digital 5-8 voice box (with the Shruthi oscillators, hopefully that won't need a ton of processor power), which then goes into a Polymoog-type resonator. I'm a sucker for these!
  • Theres already a Wikipedia Article for it, sadly only in German….

  • A prototype has been shipped to fcd72 for case building. If you really want to know, maybe you could launch an expedition to intercept the parcel in the postal system? I have shipped it in an Analog Devices carton (that in itself is a hint about upcoming products).

    Fcd72 won’t be happy thought.

  • So now i accept offers for blurry, bad lighted prototype Pictures, PayPal Accepted ;-)

  • fcd72
    You need to lose your phone with photos in the bar =)

  • or outblog Gizmodo :)

    But in all seriousness, it will be done when it’s done. Meanwhile I hope we all should let Olivier make sure that Mutable stays afloat.
    Then we can go gaga over the new skronkbox :D

    Meanwhile, I’ll be dreaming about the very practical animal that Frank has found.

  • agreed.
    I think it’s very impolite to ask about it.
    All in good time.

  • Ah, i had a Store for 5 Years so i am used to annoying customers ;-)

  • Good choice of movie to illustrate the customer problem. Gotta love Dante and Randall! Respek!

  • Jeez guys, it was just a question. Pichenettes politely gave us a quick update and now we all know when to hope for the next thing (thank you for that btw). Now I’m impolite and annoying? You guys might hurt my sensitive feelings you know

  • C’mon Randy,ill give you a Hug !

  • Pay day. €200 in my pocket. Egg-laying, lactating, woolly pig or MI new toy? Decisions, decisions….

  • @toadstool
    There are rumors about WASP Style Programmers ;-)

  • okay lets speculate some more.

    we got the analoge devices hint.
    if it is not using some of their dsp processors or some digital stuff, it is probably something that uses some ic`s that are no OTA or Opamp ones.
    maybe some kind of fx unit?

  • Small hint: it uses transistors. And Electricity. And is held to its position in space-time-continuum by gravity.

  • Shhh fcd72 you’re gonna give it away!!

  • OK. that was my las hint. Ever.

  • Nothing like this then? After the pig of all trades comment I was imagining a sun/wind powered resonant tube organ that can create unearthly automatic music!

  • Moar hints:
    It has MIDI, a power input and audio out. It will also use chips and a PCB or two, plus some resistors and capacitors.

    Yay for me! I’m better than most worthless “speculate about Apple’s next product” articles I see and never read. The Dude abides! (Then I’ll get the new Ipad when it’s released the 23rd). Right before payday!

  • Thanks fcd <sniff>

    I think it’s something that makes sounds, and probably has MIDI, and maybe some knobs, and you can make music with it.

  • Anticipation is the most beautiful kind of joy..

    please more hints.

    what color has the pcb?

    how much pins does the ics have?

    how much current does it draw?

  • Black. 40, 28, 16, 14, 8, 3. A lot.

  • It can haz OLED?

    I’m guessing that the 3-pin IC is the MCU (+3.3V, GND, serial data in/out) and that the 40-pin job is a really advanced regulator/GPU :D Or not.

    Moar wild info: The ICs are marked with white or silvery legend! They use both letters and numerals!
    The resistors have color bands!

  • Oh, you’re right, I forgot to mention the 2 pins MCU! It’s using 1-wire interface

    Indeed there’s quite a bunch of new parts outside of the Shruthi-1 canon…

  • Are they the top-secret color bands that are teal, mauve, and taupe and represent imaginary numbers?

  • Frank I just translated the link to English, pretty funny, ahem I mean, damn that is one scary device if it does all that! But I have just the hat to go with it:
  • Suddenly I’m hearing the jaws theme in my head ..

  • pichenettes will kill me for revealing this: it has a rectangular shape!

  • thanks for the hints. this keeps my imagination running..

    i am soon to be at the point where i would pay one, without knowing what it is ;)

  • @loderbast

    i already did!

  • Damnit! Where do I sign up?
    I already promised to give my soul away a few times, so I got no problem with that either…

  • @fcd72: From now on:

  • Yo Guys,

    you are particularly bad at intercepting, try updating your secret agents skills!

    On the other hand this way you can have some further fun with wild guessing….

    I already changed the address in my eMail signature…

  • 28 pins !
    So basically it looks like there’s a big µController and maybe one or more “small” µControllers.
    hrm… reminds me of some pictures on g+..
    must be a very cool sandwich!

  • At least fcd72 can now attest I have not been bullshitting you about a mysterious new product :) It's for real!
  • Real realness approved with the Realness Seal of Approval™

    And Guys (Ladies) trust me: the waiting is well worth every second – even if you’d have to wait till 20 December 2012!

  • You guys are KILLING me!! I’m going to go crazy right here at work and it’ll be all your fault!! I think I might have a heart attack from my raised blood pressure. You wouldn’t want that on your hands would you? AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

    <sorry, calming down, can’t wait>

  • such a big box?
    ...must be much bigger than a shruthi?! :-D

  • Oh, it was just very well packed – pichenettes way to get rit of expendable packing material. Disposal is expensive in Paris.

    And Protos are fragile. Go ask Mr. Palm ;-)


    Anyone interested in a Pic from the Backside of the Box? Its worthwhile….

  • damn. you are teasing us so badly, fcd72!
    you are lucky, nordhorn is 380 km from me ;)

    i had to compensate by orderings 2 kits from already.
    i guess i am badly diy-addicted. i will have to talk to my analyst about this.

  • I’m tempted to do a “Pics that don’t show the new mutable instruments Proto but somehow are related” Daily Series….. Women have Soaps why shouldn’t we?

    so c’mon, we’ll have a cup of coffee and i will show you the door behind which the protype is….. or maybe even only the stairs that lead to the floor where the door is….

  • You start sounding like Apple, guys !!!

  • Haha, so it’s only “the new Shruthi” now is it?

    I think the hype-building is a good thing. Of course I’m stoked! I want to see a very successful Mutable Instruments so everything that helps is good IMHO. This way we all get more cool gear.

    I’ll add flux capacitors to the wish list. Just like my red cat (now gone) I want this magical box to remember the future and sing to me in my dreams :D

    Anyways, be still my beating heart! Frank, please post some goddamn pictures of the packaging fluff won’t you?

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