is modifying firmware n00b friendly?
  • Hi guys,
    I'm looking at building a Shruthi-1 in the near future, I've always had an interest in electronics and have built many things like guitar pedals, noise generators and other basic circuits.
    A big part of my interest in the Shruthi kit was the option to get my hands dirty on the coding side of things and possibly make modifications to the firmware to add my own features etc...

    I've got virtually no programming experience (except for programming text adventures on my commodore 64 in my childhood :D) but it's something I'd really like to get into, and I'm wondering if the Shruthi would be a suitable entry point?
    If not, is there anything that anyone could recommend to get me started before tackling the Shruthi?
  • The Shruthi-1 firmware is not a good project for learning programming. This is a complex product, and there are many “layers” of code to make all functionalities work together well and efficiently. There’s very little “black magic”, but if you want to add new features you have to take the time to understand the whole architecture to understand where things have to be put.

    Maybe you should start by learning coding simple things on an Arduino. This way you would get to know the basic concepts of programming and embedded systems, while using it to build things that would cater to your interest of audio…

  • If you had the glorious C=64 in your youth and look for a really simple thing to Program, just to remove the Rust from your Brain, take a Look at the PicAxe Series of Microcontrollers.

    Theres a nice Starter Kit with everything included and while you are at it get a Display Kit , too. You will grow soon out of the PicAxes regarding Speed (it took 2 Months for me…) but its a great, inexpensive place to start and have fun. Contact me for some MIDI related Sample Code + Schematics if you like

  • I would highly recommend the arduino platform. Reason being the sheer amount of users - and as a result the sheer amount of sample code available. I've got very little experience in programming but I've managed to get most things I've been trying to do up and running by using other people's examples and modifying them.
  • thanks for the suggestions!
    Arduino looks appealing, I'll do some research :)

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