Trouble shooting a midipal build
  • Hi;

    Built Midipal today (v0.3). First time SMD soldering. Seemed to go quite well though :)

    3.3v measured OK at marked points and AVR flashing all went fine. However getting a blank (but lit) display.

    Flashed the LCD test referenced in another troubleshooting thread here. The LED's flash fine but the LCD is still blank. *BUT* if powered via the ISP header the LCD does display 'HELLO' but not if powered via battery/DC connection. I've checked various points, including Vdd/Vss pin on the diplsya and I seem to have a fairly constant 3.3v when Battery/DC powered but the display is still blank.

    Please help confused as what the check next.
  • Ok scratch that - Fixed now!!! It was the damn Trim Pot - obviously with a higher voltage it did not need much adjustment, with 3.3v however though it did. Took *alot* of turns however to get the display visible.